This headset is wireless and it has a microphone built in. When you’re a gamer then you can hear another gamer’s audio in the background. This can be very distracting and you yourself are either muted out or you mute out players you can hear.

The Logitech wireless headset makes sure that your audio sounds are not picked up by other gamers. And, the F540 headset enhances your experience at gaming because you can listen to the fine details of the game; this will improve your performance.

Logitech Wireless Game F540 Headset Contents

The Logitech wireless package contains: the F540 wireless headset, Power cord, a micro USB cable used to recharge the battery in the headset, and a mini USB to connect to the PS3. You’ll need this cable with the PS3 to use the voice chat new sentence with the Xbox this feature is wireless. The package also contains a 3.5 to 3.5 mm stereo cable. You use this cable to connect the headset to the controller. The package also contains an RCA connection cable with a loop out jack feature. The package also contains a owner’s manual. The package also contains the wireless transmitter.

The wireless transmitter is the base station. On the back of the wireless base is a power connector, auxiliary input, and composite RCA audio connections; one set for the PS3 one set for the Xbox.

Logitech F540 Quality

The headset feels sturdy to touch. It is comprised of metal straps covered with hard plastic. That design is attractive. The padding for the ears muffs is thick and comfortable. The headset contains buttons for controlling volume, mute, and the microphone. The microphone can be rotated into and out of position.

F540 Battery Life

A fully charged battery will give you as much as 10 hours of gameplay. Testing of the wireless headset showed there were no issues. It worked very well the audio quality sounds good.

Wireless Headset Sound Quality

The price point is $150. With the F540 you can decipher full spatial sound, hear people gaming all around you, and moving all around you. This is very important in gaming. The sound is a simulated 5.1 surround sound experience; however, the volume can be a little bit on the low side.