If you have ever looked for a great way to use your iPhone, iPad, or Android device as your TV remote, the Logitech Harmony Link remote system could be the perfect solution. We’ve installed this device.

Logitech Harmony is a leader in All In One Remote controls so it makes sense the folks at Logitech rolled out a platform perfect for smart phones & tablets like the iPad.

The Logitech Harmony Link is an app used in unison with Harmony’s IR blaster module to control your TV, Stereo or Surround Sound Receiver, Set Top Box – DVR, Gaming Consoles and many more devices.

How does the Logitech Harmony Link work?

The Harmony Link works, in part, by utilizing your existing home Wi-Fi network. Once you setup the module… simply download the FREE app to your smart phone or iPad / tablet, connect the module’s IR blaster wires to the devices you want to control like your TV, Set-top box (cable, satellite or Uverse) and then… log-in and setup your favorite activities.

Activities – How does the Logitech Harmony Link use them?

If you need more than one remote to control all your electronic devices then you will love “Activities”. An activity is simply the word used to describe what you want to do. For instance, if you want to

All in One TV Remote Activities

watch TV you create an activity called, “Watch TV”. The Harmony Link will automatically remember what settings your TV should be set to as well as your Set-Top box from the cable/satellite company. Also, if you have a Surround Sound receiver it too will be set to the proper input. All you do is press one button, “Watch TV,” and the Logitech Harmony Link does the rest.

Examples of other activities would be: Listening to Music, Playing a Video Game, or, Watching a Movie. Activities are great because you no longer have to fumble with all those remotes, buying replacement batteries, or trying to remember what setting each device needs to be on.

How much can I Control?

The Logitech Harmony Link will let you control a total of 8 devices and supports over 5,000 different makes and models of electronic. And, in the event your devices aren’t one of the five thousand, the Link will let your program control codes as long as you have the original device remote.

Setup Information & Tips

1) The Logitech Harmony Link price is $99.

Precision IR Cables2) If you’ll be controlling more than 4 electronic devices in entertainment cabinet I recommend you also pick-up Harmony’s precision Infared Remote cables for $24.95. This packet comes with specially designed rubber stick on covers which without, the emitter tends to fall off due to the heat from your electronics.


3) The apps are free and found on iTunes and Android Marketplace.

4) Programming setup is easily done online by visiting harmony link’s website.