Looxcie Headset Camera is a video camera you wear on your head so that your hands can remain free and Looxcie can see what you see. The design of the lookcie is so that you can capture the images that you see, more easily, when you’re going about your daily activities. This way you don’t miss anything.

How does Looxcie record?

The looxcie they can operate in one of two different modes. One mode is called the Looxcie moments mode. This is the default operating mode. And how it works is really quite unique. The looxcie automatically records everything it sees to the onboard memory in a continuous loop. What that means is that up to 5 hours of recording is stored onboard the Looxcie automatically. Looxcie will continue to record until it fills the memory. Once the memory is full it will start to record back at the beginning, it will record over itself in this mode.

Looxcie Resolution

Looxcie is recording at a default resolution of 320P. This size of resolution maximizes your recording time and your battery life. And it also produces nice small files which are easy to share online. This is the mode you want to use when you want to capture all of the unexpected moments in life.

Looxcie High Quality Record Mode

Another mode is the high-quality looxcie recording mode. In this mode you reduce your storage capability and you shorten the battery life. But, you do get a much higher resolution image in this mode. The resolution goes up to 480P.

How to Switch Between Record Modes

To switch between the standard resolution mode and the higher resolution mode is very simple and can be performed on the companion application from your iPhone or your android powered smart phone or also the desktop client software for PC or Mac

How to save a Looxcie Recording

There are two ways to save the video clips from the continuous recording. The simplest way is to press the instant clip button located under the barrel of the Looxcie camera. This will then take the most recent 30 seconds of footage and save the image to an independent file.   The second way is to use the looksee moments app on your smartphone. Utilizing a simple wireless Bluetooth connection you can grab up to a 30 minute clip from anywhere in the continuous buffer and then you can save that video clip to its own file. Using the looksee moments application on your smartphone you can also look at these files you can use the edit function or the share function and without leaving the application you can either e-mail or upload the video to the Internet.

Looxcie Cam Mode

The second mode is called the looxcie cam mode. The Looxcie camera mode works with a secondary iPhone or android device application named Looxcie cam. In this mode the recording resolution is boosted up to the maximum 480P at 30 frames per second. This produces the sharpest detail and most smooth motion. This mode does not record to a continuous loop. This is the mode you want to be in when you are deliberately recording specific scenes and you have complete control of when the recording starts and stops as well you have the highest image quality possible. The captured video is recorded to the onboard memory automatically.

Transfer Looxcie Video to Internet

If you’re using the Looxcie with the smart phone app you can set it up so that if you press and hold the instant clip button, not only will it save your instant 32nd clip it will automatically transferred to your phone and send it to a preset e-mail address or upload directly to Facebook or YouTube or Twitter. Now how easy it that for a home electronics?