One of the most important and popular notebook computers manufactured by Apple is the MacBook. Our review of this great product is aimed at no particular niche market but for wide scale office and consumer use. This product is one of the best-sellers all over the globe. Equipped with not only exquisite features but also a great deal of portability, this product is truly the ultimate laptop. With a great number of MACs having been released over the years, there is competition amongst many varieties available. However, with the numerous kinds available in the market, all laptops are likely to be made of the best and the most advanced technology and can be used to do the most amazing things. There are five main types available.

MacBook Air

The MacBook Air is one of the most desired laptops of the Mac family and with its beautiful and sleek design; it can be used for practically anything. Comprising the latest technology such as the fastest and most powerful Intel processors, you can breeze through work. These powerful processors make the laptop around 2.5x times faster. This laptop makes use of the amazing Thunderbolt technology, which makes it possible to transfer data in a very speedy manner and expand the capabilities of the computer to a large degree. For all those who find it very difficult to move their finger around a track pad, they can make use of the full-size keyboard that makes all kinds of typing very easy and comfortable. Greater ease of use is given with the backlight in the keyboard. The flash storage system available in the laptop is also increasingly reliable, stable and efficient. It can boot up in absolutely seconds and at the same time launch apps quickly as well.

MacBook Pro

This new and improved laptop is a large jump from the previous Mac. It comprises of the state of the art Intel processors of about 15-17 inches. The processors found in the system are Core i5 to i7 processors. All of them offer considerably higher speeds than the previous. For high performance, the new thunderbolt technology is used in the system. It not only provides the highest possible resolution display in a single port but also enables substantial data transfers up to nearly 10 GBPS. There are game changing graphics associated with this machine. These AMD Radeon graphics are about 15 to 17 inch and about 2x times faster than the previously designed models. Therefore, they allow you to take a variety of games to HD video projects anywhere. This Mac has the very powerful OS X Lion. It is the most powerful desktop operating system and has a multitude of features that range from the launch pad, the great full-screen graphics, the multi-touch features to the basic mission control.

There is also a range of others Mac computers that have been launched and have gotten an increasingly positive review. These include the

  • iMac, the 
  • Mac Pro 
  • and the Mac Mini. 

All are encased in an aluminum covering and have Intel Core i5 or i7 processors. They are either dual core or quad core and are designed to give the highest speeds and the best possible performance. Irrespective of the type of Mac chosen, you are likely to be able to do absolutely anything with it.