A Medical Panic Button is specially designed to help the wearer notify emergency medical help when they become injured inside their living space. People confined to a wheel chair and seniors living alone typically enjoy greater peace of mind wearing a Medical Panic Button.

How does a Medical Panic Button Work?

The person who is using a medical emergency panic button typically wears one on their wrist like a watch or a pendant like a necklace. When they press the panic button a wireless signal trips the main control unit located somewhere inside the living space. The central control unit automatically contacts a central monitoring station staffed 24/7 with human emergency operators. The operators, unless instructed otherwise by the user of the panic button, will attempt to contact the user through what is called a two-way voice module located inside the panic button user’s living space. The operator will also contact emergency services as well as close relatives or friends of the victim to let them know about the emergency.

Benefits of the Central Monitoring facility

Because the Central Monitoring facility is staffed with trained operator 24 hours a day, seven days a week this usually gives all family and friends of the user peace of mind. The records at the Central monitoring station can be update with information such as: emergency contacts, key holder, doctor contact information, medications, medical conditions, allergic medical reactions etc.

What are the different types of Medical Panic Button Systems?

There are two general types of Emergency Medical Panic Button Systems. One system is part of a burglar alarm system. The burglar alarm panel acts as the automatic dialer and the user can select from a variety of trigger devices such as a watch, pendant necklace, panic buttons built onto the alarm keypads etc.

The other system is a standalone system. This is typically comprised of the base station which connects to a telephone jack. The other part of the system is the panic button used by the living space occupant. These systems are easy to setup and inexpensive to purchase.

In either case there is a monthly service fee for the monitoring and can run between $20 – $30+ monthly for additional services.

Transportable Panic Button Device

Panic Button

This little responder button is a portable panic button you take with you that works only on the Verizon network. For about $85 plus $15 for the monthly service you setup your account at the www.MyGreatCall.com website and in the event of an emergency… records:  medical, family contacts and emergency services can be summoned at the push of one button. No worrying over whether someone will hear your call.


Medical Emergency Panic Buttons allow the user to summon emergency help from anywhere inside their personal living space. The user wears a personal emergency button. The systems are monitored by a center staffed 24/7 with emergency operators. Because a Medical Alert button works off of the same technology as a burglar alarm often when you already have a wireless alarm like the DSC Alexor you can simply add this feature by contacting your existing service provider.