A Thermostat… or is it more?

Forget everything you’ve heard or know about programmable thermostats. Nest is a thermostat that practically programs itself and maybe saves you some money on your electric bill. This innovative product was the brainchild of a former Apple employee who essentially struck out on his own. Nest is a first creation born from a fundamental re-examination of one of the most mundane things we use every day in our homes, the thermostat.

Programming a programmable thermostat can be a little bit tricky but with NEST, once the installation is complete, NEST will program itself by learning your heating and cooling habits. In other words, after you install NEST you simple keep adjusting your thermostat as you always would. If you like it cooler at night just turn your NEST thermostat to a cooler setting just like you always did. And the same holds true for when you wake up, if you like it warmer you set it warmer etc. But here’s the cool thing (pun slightly intended), NEST is paying attention to your habits and quickly NEST will begin to make the adjustments automatically for you.

Other NEST features

Nest has some pretty cool features. For example, it has a built in sensor that can determine if you are in your home or if you’ve left home for a while. And, if you’ve left home, Nest is able to automatically adjust your thermostat to help save on your heating and cooling bill.

Nest is controllable from your computer and from your smart phone. Imagine you’re returning home from a business trip or a vacation, with Nest you can adjust your thermostat from practically anywhere right from your smartphone.

If you want, Nest shows you how to conserve more electricity. It does this through the use of a little green leaf symbol which lights up each time you make adjustments to the thermostat that are energy efficient. How cool is that? It’s a simple but effective way to save a little extra money on your electric bill

How is Nest installed?

The price to buy the Nest is $249. The Installation can be Do It Yourself or you can hire a professional installer. The Nest is comprised of two pieces. One is a smartly designed wall mounting plate with easy to operate wire connectors and the other is the snap on nest thermostat. Once installed, Nest uses your Home Network Wi-Fi system to allow you control of Nest from a computer or smart phones.