Google’s Nexus 7, is the first tablet of the Google Nexus Series. Nexus 7 was designed in collaboration with Asus and NVidia. With this design Google has incorporated all the features of an ideal tablet in a phone-sized tablet device. Nexus 7 comes complete with a quad core processor and boasts a 10-hour battery life, sufficient for an average user. The tablet has powerful 1 GB RAM and internal storage available in either 8MB or 16MB all packaged in a compact tablet  with a 7-inch screen.


Nexus Highlights

  1. The tablet is attractive and comes with an industrial looking cover that is designed to help prevent the tablet from being scratched. 
  2. Nexus is powered by Google Android’s Jelly Bean operating system. Google claims it to be free from malfunctions and bugs that are found in most of the similar products and the tablet has received positive opinions so far from the users. 
  3. The developmental period of the product was followed by the release of Nexus 7 in all the major countries around the globe. The Android Jellybean operating system and hardware make the perfect combination for a tablet. 
  4. The intelligent personal assistant and default applications are not just great features for the users but also for simultaneously incorporating Google Play. 
  5. Nexus 7 has built in speakers, microphone, and 1.2 megapixel camera with a up to 10 hours of battery power  via its managed integrated circuit. 
  6. The device offers Wi-Fi connectivity and the users can share files through the Android Beam. 
  7. The touch screen of Nexus 7 uses full lamination rather than the conventional lamination technique employed by similar devices.

Nexus 7 is a very serious competitor to all the other similar products in the market; the price point starting at $199 essentially requires it be placed on a smart buyer’s very short list when considering other, much higher priced, heavier tablets. The interface for the tablet has been specifically designed and is not just a duplicate of other interfaces. The layout is similar to that of an Android phone with most frequently used Google applications are displayed at the bottom. There are numerous widgets that are available and that can be added to personalize the experience of the user.  

Nexus 7 users can access numerous applications on Google Play as the tablet is designed to accommodate all of the Google Play applications. The users can choose from a plethora of e books, a variety of movies that are available through the tablet and a great collection of the best musical hits.

Nexus 7 has taken entertainment to a whole new level as the user is not required to download the content or sync the device as the content is instantly available. The device has two main ports for a micro USB and a headphone at the bottom of the device. An input for a microphone is also present at the top of the tablet.

Nexus 7 provides the users with all the basic apps like Google Chrome, Gmail, Google Plus and You Tube. Additional applications for flight schedules and maps can also be downloaded easily. The portability of the device allows the users to use it while they are on the go and 300 hours of standby battery.


Nexus 7 has been designed to fulfill the needs of gaming fans and there are over 600,000 gaming options available for the gamers to choose from a list of applications on Google Play. The tablet has sensors to make the gaming experience even more exciting. The quad core processor of the Nexus 7 tablet provides the users with a high quality performance for gaming. It makes the gaming experience smooth, as the speed of the processor tends to increase the responsiveness of the gaming applications. The 12 core powered by NVidia provides exceptional graphics that are bound to engage the gamers.

The Nexus 7 tablet is ideal as far as applications and features are concerned, just as Google promised it to be and it comes at a fair price. Nexus 7 with an 8 GB internal storage costs around $200 while the tablet with 16 GB of storage costs around $250. However, with all the user-friendly features and applications that the tablet has to offer, it has to be put on your short list of tablets. The tablet is available at Google Play Store and also at some major retail stores.

Questions & Answers – Answering questions we are asked.

1.  Can Nexus 7 tablet interfere with the TV remote? Generally, tablets, regardless of the brand, will not interfere with a TV remote however in a few cases it could cause some interference. The topic of TV remotes is really quite broad and there are different technologies at play; it would depend on the technology used by a particular TV remote that might be a factor in a tablet interfering with the remote. For example, tablets function using a wireless radio signal as do some TV remotes and these wireless radio signals could conflict with one another. The only ways to resolve this would be to turn off the wireless setting on your tablet or move the table far away out of the room of your TV remote or change to a remote control which uses a different technology. For more information on TV remotes click here.