If you are looking for a way to burn calories while enjoying your video game console, then you have probably heard of Nintendo Wii Fit Plus with Wii Balance Board, or at least the original Wii Fit.  For those unfamiliar with Wii Fit, let’s have a look at what it offers in general first.


Wii Fit Plus gives you a total fitness package.  As soon as you fire up your Wii console and load Wii Fit Plus, it is going to ask you to enter your height and age.  Next it will ask you to step on the included balance board where it will take your weight.  It will then combine all of this information to come up with your BMI (that’s Body Mass Index, for those unaware.)  I won’t go into great detail about BMI here, an internet search will tell you all that you need to know, but when it comes to fitness, this is actually more important than your weight.


Wii Fit Onscreen Calorie Tracker

The goal of Wii Fit Plus is to manage your BMI through diet and exercise.  It accomplishes this with a combination of a training program featuring exercises that an onscreen instructor demonstrates for you so that you know you are doing it right, along with allowing you to put in your calorie burning goal for the day and keeping track of how many calories you have burned by doing the exercises. 


The exercises are divided into two categories: strength training and yoga.  Each category features 18 different exercises to help increase your strength and flexibility in addition to burning calories.  There are exercises for everyone from beginners, to those more experienced with exercises and/or more physically fit.  As a beginner, this is also helpful because it gives you an additional goal to work towards.


Nintendo Wii Fit Plus with Wii Balance Board also features what it calls “Training Plus” which is actually a series of more than 30 mini-games aimed focusing on aerobic and balance training.  The key word in that last sentence, however, is “mini-games.”  In other words, you are going to find yourself having quite a bit of fun as you sweat the calories away.  Using a combination of the Wii-mote and the Wii Balance Board, you will find yourself with a wide array of virtual activities with everything from hula hooping to tightrope walking; skiing and snowboarding; cycling, running, obstacle courses, and even kung fu!


All of these mini-games really give this title a nice edge as you can break up the monotony of the standard exercise routine with games that are not only fun, but get your heart rate up and burn calories in the process.  Additionally, the ability to not only track your calories burned, but to be able to see your BMI drop as you go make for very motivational incentives. 


Nintendo Wii Fit Plus with Wii Balance Board was officially endorsed by the American Heart Association in May of 2010 for promoting an active lifestyle to a whole new audience.  AHA endorsement, a full exercise program, goal setting, encouragement, and most importantly, a lot of fun make this title a great way to get yourself into shape.