Say “good-bye plasma TV” and hello OLED TV.

 2012 is the year that marks the beginning of the end ofplasma TVs as we know them.

During CES, the International Consumer Electronics Show held annually in Las Vegas, and just when you thought the television couldn’t get a whole lot better… both Samsung and LG went head to head at the show to unveil their latest television advancements, OLED. ( The organic light emitting diode )

The OLED TV is razor thin, as in… thin like a coin. What about that frame around the outside of the TV?  Frame? What frame?

Does the OLED have a frame?

You really don’t see a frame; it’s so small it is hard to notice. The OLED is sleek, futuristic and has advanced TVs another step forward. The picture refresh rates are lightning fast compared to most flat panel TVs. The blacks are super deep and true, the whites ultra-bright and LG put a new twist on the RGB standard by adding a white; LG says it’ll bring production costs down which means lower pricing and who doesn’t like a lower price?

But, you’ll have to wait until 2016, assuming LG’s predictions are correct, for the new OLED TV pricing to match the low LCD prices of 2012. The OLED hit the market place in the 3rd quarter of 2012 and they’re making a big splash. The colors are absolutely stunning and they have all the bells and whistles like: being smart internet connected TVs, have social media built-in, and they’ll even come with embedded microphones and new-fangled hands free remote control-ability. Naturally they have 3D, passive 3D, as part of the mix of features.

And, did we say these TVs are thin? Wow, YES the TVs are thin but they risk turning more of us in to coach potatoes as we ogle over how awesome they are.