Onkyo CS- 245 Stereo Mini System with iPhone / iPod dock review. This device is for listening to CDs or a USB stick full of music and of course, listening to your iPod or iPhone. It has a built-in tuner. It comes with two speakers in the box. It also comes with a remote control. It comes with accessories like cabling, antenna, and power plug. It is available in a number of different colors: white, green, red, black, dark green, and brown.

Onkyo CS 245  345Onkyo CS-245 Remote Control

The remote control is a basic remote control giving a full function capability of the entire system from power, muting, play control, fast-forward, and reverse. Basically everything you can expect in a remote control for a stereo system like this. As well, the remote will control the iPod once it’s placed into the dock. The built-in tuner is available in FM and AM for Dab and Dab+. When the tuner is powered off if you press the display button on the remote control it will show you the information that’s being broadcast by the broadcaster assuming information is being broadcast by the station itself..

Insert USB stick into the CS-245

The load time from the USB stick is dependent on how many songs or audio tracks are on the USB stick. On the remote control you select the USB iPod button and then you select the file on the USB stick that you want to listen. To begin on the remote control by pressing the display button you can see the music track and what’s playing. On an iPod it is very simple; simply slide the top cover open place your iPod or iPhone onto the dock and recharging of the battery will automatically begin. This automatically becomes a digital connection which means the sound quality is going to be better than an analog connection. With the Onkyo CS 245 the conversion takes place within the Onkyo itself and not within the iPod or iPhone and this is what helps make sure you hear the very best sound quality.

Using Spotify on the Onkyo CS-245

When your iPhone or iPod is hooked into the ACS 245 you can also use Spotify. When using Spotify the music track you select will be streamed using your Wi-Fi network.

The CS-245 includes two speakers with two way speakers built into a cabinet this enables the CS 245 to produce a deep bass and very detailed midrange and high frequency.

Taking a look at the rear connection panel it has an AM/FM Antenna connection. It has an audio line input. It has a composite video output and it has a sub-woofer connection and the speaker connections. The CS 245 incorporates a dynamic base management technology feature which makes sure you get well rounded base even at very low volume levelsOnkyo CS 245-345 Back Rear Panel