The basics of this amp are:

  • The “N” in the model number stands for Network; this is an advanced amp that can be connected to the Internet. 
  • The amp is 7.1 or you can run at 7.1 or you can run at 5.1 or 7.2. 
  • It has six HDMI inputs including one on the front and one output that does up-scaling. The looks are very strong on this receiver. 
  • It has a USB port on the front for stray connection of an iPhone or an iPod. You can also use it to connect a dock on the back. 
  • It has an Ethernet connection on there and that allows you to use network radio streaming of music from Spotify. Spotify requires a small monthly subscription but then you have access to hundreds of thousands of songs. 
  • It allows you to use Windows media player you can run it very easily in conjunction with the PC that stored digitally on your PC. 

Highlights of the Onkyo TX NR609

  1. Hooking everything up is very straightforward. It comes with a special microphone.  Set up the system, attach the speakers, turn the on the subs and plug in the supplied microphone. 
  2. Then follow the instructions on the screen for easy set up. Onkyo TX NR609 supports six different audio formats and 49 different sound modes going all the way up to THX.  
  3. A zone 2 allows you to power speakers where you can run speakers to a separate room the kitchen or the dining room the people in the main living room can listen to one audio source while the people in the other room can listen to something different. 
  4. The Onkyo TX NR609 comes with a remote control that will control other devices. 
  5. It’s fairly easy to set up the networking, wireless or via Ethernet.  
  6. It supports different audio codecs not just MP3. 
  7. This amplifier is an upgrade from the Onkyo receiver that won an award for sound quality in music category.  
  8. You can run the PC into this
  9. The speaker terminals on the back are very high-quality binding posts. 

Summary of the TX NR609

Overall it’s a good design. The Onkyo TX NR609 is very modern looking and has a clean design for a home electronic.