Introducing the most advanced intercom in in the intercom industry, the On Q Selective Call Intercom. This intercom has unmatched personalization options and superior performance. And best of all, this intercom only requires a three step installation. On Q selective call intercom this intercom will change the way you think about intercom systems.


The first component we’re going to look at is the selective call in room unit.  It has an LCD interface along with a navigation menu. Connection is a snap using the convenient RJ-45 crimp on connection. This system is revolutionary in its architecture. Each in room unit replaces a standard unit of older intercom systems. This system allows you to have complete and total control of the entire intercom system from each and every room having a unit.

Selective Call point to point communication

The OnQ selective call allows both point-to-point and broadcast. On Q Selective Call intercom system is the only intercom system in the industry that has this feature. This system is expandable to a total of 32 locations in home.

OnQ Selective Call Intercom 3 Step Installation

Because the system is based on category five wiring the installation is as easy as three steps. Pull your cat five wiring. Crimp on RJ-45 plug onto each end of the wiring. Mount each room unit and you are done.

The selective call has a lot of personalization features such as: Unique room names there are 20 built in room names in the menu options. There are a total of four skins available to select for each in room intercom. As well the Selective Call Intercom features the hands-free reply. The intercom system itself is intuitive requiring only a few button presses to become familiar with its operation. The interface will even automatically adjust to your daily habits in the order of the most frequently called rooms.

What makes OnQ Selective Call so nice?

The most noticeable difference between selective call and other intercoms is it’s design. It has a titanium back-plate and its surrounding faceplate is available in several contemporary colors then blend seamlessly with any home décor. The most important part is selective call’s easy installation, once set-up it auto discovery discovers all units. This makes for an efficient one person set up of remote units without the need to walk throughout the house for identification. The selective call intercom also includes smart features such as capabilities such as multiple door release easy integration with the on Q brand lyric audio system.