Mac Operating System, commonly known as Mac OS, might be tricky to use if you are switching from the Windows Operating System. Certain terms and labels in the Mac OS might confuse new users but it must be kept in mind that the functions are essentially the same. Macintosh only supports the applications of the specifically designed Mac Operating System that is pre-installed. Therefore, entirely different applications are used for Mac.

RAR file is commonly known as a data container as it compresses large files and folders and stores them. This reduces the size of the files and increases their utility as compressed files can be easily transferred over the internet. In order to use the contents of RAR file, they must be unpacked first. They are often split in the form of smaller RAR files. For an unfamiliar user switching from another operating system to Mac Operating System, the question will be how to open RAR on Mac?

Unlike the Windows Operating System that supports WinRAR, Mac Operating system does not support ‘.rar’ extensions. It often creates inconvenience for users since a number of files downloaded from the internet are in the form of .rar extensions. Therefore, in order to open RAR on Mac a couple of applications and some software like the UnrarX, Stuffit Expander, RAR Expander and Unarchiver are available. These applications are free to be downloaded from the internet.

UnrarX is free software and can be easily downloaded. It provides a clear interface and creates minimum fuss when opening RAR files. The software can be downloaded from the UnrarX website. In order to open RAR on Mac, select the file and open it through UnrarX. Additionally, the file can also be dragged and dropped into the UnrarX window. If a file requires password in order to be opened, a window will prompt the user to enter the password for opening the file.

Stuffit Expander is also commonly used for extracting small as well as medium sized files but it is not recommended for larger files. It is built in the Mac Operating System.

RAR Expander is often used to extract RAR files. It features AppleScript support and can extract files that require password, just like the UnrarX software. However, if the file is corrupted, RAR Expander would not be able to extract it. On the other hand, UnrarX functions well even if the file is corrupted.

Unarchiver is also recommended for extracting files. It is often considered the simplest way to extract files. It can be easily downloaded from the internet. Once you have downloaded it and the setup is complete, select the RAR files that need to be opened. Click the ‘Extract’ label to open RAR on Mac. It is advisable to scan the file for any potential virus that might be present before opening it.

Now that you know how to open RAR on Mac, you can easily access the compressed files and enjoy the Macintosh experience.  

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