The Playstation 3D Display MotoStorm Apocalypse Bundle is only intended for those who would like a 3D display for gaming purposes. Let’s get this out of the way right off the bat; if you are looking to play 3D games on a huge display, such as a 50”, this isn’t the package for you. This display is 24”, which is plenty suitable for gameplay, but if you are looking to go big with your display, you should look elsewhere.

This isn’t a high definition television, you won’t find any sort of built in tuner nor input for connecting cable television, (although you could conceivably watch television with it, assuming you have a cable or satellite box with HDMI output,) this display is designed to be a monitor.

It has an LCD display with LED backlighting delivering 240Hz MotionFlow processing. The screen is glass, which goes a long way in delivering a crisp 3D image by adding to the perceived contrast ratio. Unfortunately, the glass screen also means a bigger problem with glare, so you will need to be sure you take that into consideration when deciding exactly where you want to place the display.

Additionally, the display has built in stereo speakers and a sub-woofer, which you don’t generally see with a monitor of this size. This combination offers quite an impressive sound quality with mid-range and bass range that you won’t find in other monitors or TVs of this size. This really plays in when you are talking about the roar of a motor or the rumbling of a nearby explosion. You will, however, still get some distortion at higher volume levels.

As has come to be expected from Sony, this display has very high end aesthetic. The unit features rounded sides with clean lines at the top and the bottom. The stand matches the form of the monitor and the unit has a very sleek and modern look overall. It will look very nice in your living room or wherever you choose to place it.

Additionally, the unit is very sturdy and well built. You will also find that there are two HDMI inputs and one component input, which plays into what was mentioned earlier about being able to watch television via a cable box or satellite box with HDMI (or component) output. Obviously, Sony doesn’t expect you to hook up two PS3s simultaneously, they knew what they were doing here.

The quality of the 3D is superb, and the two pair of included IR glasses will work on other manufacturer’s 3D displays as well, so say you have a large 3D TV for your movie watching, you can use these glasses on it as well when you have friends over, no need to buy additional glasses.

Finally, this is called the Playstation 3D Display MotoStorm Apocalypse Bundle for a reason. It is a bundle. Obviously, you will get the display and MotoStorm Apocalypse. Additionally, you get the aforementioned two pair of glasses and a high quality HDMI cable. This is actually an incredible value when bought as a bundle. The price to buy it directly from the Sony Store and others is $299.99. When you consider that the display alone sells for $249.99 and the HDMI cable is valued at $80, you are already saving money even if you have no interest in the MotoStorm game. That being said, the game is actually a lot of fun too.

Unless you are wanting a huge 3D display for your gaming, this is a definite buy if you want to go 3D with your PS3.