The more you use your portable devices like an iPhone, tablet PC or mp3 player chances are good the more you also realize how easily it is to quickly drain your device’s battery. Over the course of a number of months we set out to review a portable power pack, we took a few months to compile our review because basically, let’s face it, battery packs are boring right?

Palm Power Portable Power Pack Review

The best way we could find to do an effective review on such a product was to give it time, We needed to discover how reliably it would take and keep a charge. How did the portable power pack hold up over the months etc? So after nearly 4 months we’ve decided it was time to share what we found.

Palm Power Size

How does a portable power pack work?

Just like your portable device has its own built in battery a portable power pack is nothing more than a larger battery which you plug into your device for the purpose of recharging you device’s battery. Its just that straight forward and with the Palm Power a small USB cable is supplied

How do you recharge a portable power pack?

The palm power Portable Power pack (say that 5 times real fast) is actually super easy to recharge, simply plug it into you device’s wall charger and give it enough time to fully recharge. We found the small built-in led lights a smart way to quickly assess how full the portable power pack was and how much recharging was left to go. On average, to recharge from a completely empty charge to full took a little over an hour.

Palm Power functions

How do you connect a portable power pack to your iPhone, tablet pc or mp3 player?

We’ve learned that some portable power packs plug straight into the device. While this may seem convenient they’d either fall out, damage the connector or simply be too small to fully recharge the device. With the Palm Power portable power pack you simply connect the battery pack to your device using a common usb cable. Chances are good you already have the cable as part of your charging system or you can use the one supplied with the Palm Power.

What devices will a Portable Power Pack charge?

iPad, iPhone, iPod, Mobile phone, mp3, mp4, PSP, GPS

How many times can I recharge my device with a Portable Power Pack?

Because the Palm Power Portable power pack holds 6,000 mAH of battery  time we found we can charge an iPhone about 3 times.

For more information on Palm Power you can visit their website.