The Proficient Zero Wireless Music System is a wireless-based system that gives you a large variety of ways to get audio from point A to point B without all the hassle of running wires. The system is especially useful in multi-story applications or in situations where running complex wiring is impractical. But  the Proficient Zero system can also be a building block system that is geared toward you only having to buy the necessary components that you need for any particular installation. No more buying a component that has potentially unused amplifiers and that you’re only buying things that you’re going to need for that installation. The basics of the proficiency zero system in the kit is a transmitter and receiver package that are sold as a group.

There are a couple of things that are different here, the transmitter actually has analog inputs for left and right and a point one channel and the proficient zero wireless music system also has an optical input so we have a digital input to the transmitter as well. The benefit of a digital input is that it reproduces a noticeably higher quality audio compared to analog.

Proficient Zero Wireless Music System’s Range and Capability

The profession zero system operates in the 2.4 gig range. It has a basic range of about 90 feet in terms of its broadcast distance and it works on three selectable RF channels from the transmitter to the receiver. A single transmitter can synchronize two of the eight receivers at the same time.

Proficient Zero Built-in Powered Amplifier

If we look at our powered receiver, which is standard in the kit, what we have is a receiver having a built-in 35 Watt per channel stereo amplifier. Once we transmit information from the transmitter to the receiver you basically connect speakers and you ready to go.

Proficient Zero Handheld Remote

The included remote control allows you to select not only the RF channel to synchronize with the transmitter but also allow you to select between that analog and digital input coming into the transmitter.

Proficient Zero Source Inputs

As well it’s a 2 Source System out of the box which is really important. In addition to being able to transmit to eight receivers at a time in different areas two different sources very basic system that has a lot of different versatility already. If you want to increase the number of sources that your receiver the powered receiver allows you to an analog input and a digital input locally so you can plug in an iPad you can plug in iPod you can plug in an optical straight from the television. That’s when one of your local sources convey the amplifier and then you have the amplifier built in you connect your speakers now you have enhanced TV sound.

Proficient Zero Receiver without Amplifier

This is a device that is a preamp receiver which is basically the same function as the power receiver only it does not include the amplifier. So if all you need is audio out to your destination this will save you some money. And it gives added versatility as well. This particular unit is also going to give you the subwoofer output, left & right out, along with a local audio input, just another feature added to the profession zero wireless music system that separates this system from competitive products.


We found the installation instructions for wireless audio and home electronics easy to follow. The system worked as advertised and we tested the range and found the range specs from the manufacturer to be spot on. The system was versitile and cost effective and it met the needs to the applications it was installed. The systems have been installed for over a year and have all performed exceptionally well.