This time out we are going to take a look at PS3 controller problems, specifically when it comes to problems syncing up with your console. Imagine this situation, if you haven’t experienced it first hand. Your PS3 controller has been working fine all along. Suddenly, every time you try turning it on, you just get the four flashing red lights. You have already tried syncing up by connecting your USB cable to the controller and PS3, but you have had no luck. You have even dropped about $60 for a brand new PS3 controller only to have the same issue. What could be the problem? Better yet, what could be the solution?

Signal Interference

The first possibility when it comes to a syncing problem is interference with your signal. Playstation 3 controllers operate on Bluetooth technology, which means they use the 2.4 gHz frequency. Unfortunately, this is the frequency most commonly used by wireless devices. Other Bluetooth devices, cordless phones, wireless routers, and even common microwave ovens can interfere with your Playstation 3 controller’s ability to sync up with the console.

The first thing you should do is to make sure no new devices are nearby, possibly causing the disruption. If you have been using it just fine for some time and nothing new is in your home that is nearby and possibly interrupting the signal that still doesn’t mean that signal interference is out of the question. The problem could be coming from your neighbors, especially if you live in apartments. Perhaps they have added a new device operating on the 2.4 gHz frequency and it is too close to your Playstation 3. Obviously, you can’t expect them to go changing things just for your benefit, but you can try moving your Playstation 3 console to see if that helps.

No Interference, Still Can’t Sync

If you have eliminated signal interference as the problem, then the problem most likely lies in the controller or PS3 console. Don’t freak out though, this doesn’t mean you have junk on your hands. There is a solution. If you flip your PS3 controller over, just above the printed level and to the right of the screw hole at the top, you will find a tiny hole. Within this hole lies what is most likely the solution to your problem, the controller reset button. Using a small item such as a paperclip, pin, or even the tip of a ballpoint pen, simply press the button in for 5 seconds, release, and more than likely, when you push the PS button, your lights will flash momentarily before giving you that one, solid light that signifies you have synced. Although it is basically impossible to get an answer out of Sony in regards to what the problem may have been, resetting the controller almost always fixes a non-signal related Playstation 3 controller problem.

Unfortunately, if you are still having problems after making sure there is no signal interference and attempting to reset the controller, the problem is either going to be your controller or your console. If you have tried another controller and still have the same issue, then chances are the Bluetooth controller in your PS3 has gone out. The only thing you can do at this point is ship it off to Sony for diagnosis and repair. Good luck.