There really is so much that you can do with a Playstation 3 beyond gaming. One of the biggest selling points is the built in web browser, which is not only functional, but actually quite good. The problem with using it for a bit of “couch surfing” however is that you either have to use the painfully slow on screen keyboard to enter URLs, login information, Tweets, and so forth or you have to use a wireless keyboard piled in your lap. The same can be said for chatting on your PS3, and the wireless keyboard really isn’t an option if you are talking about in game chat as switching back and forth between keyboard and controller just isn’t efficient. There is, however, another option out there. The Sony Wireless PS3 Keypad allows you to enter text at approximately the same rate you could type up a text message on a mobile phone straight from your controller. There really is so much more to it than that though, and to really appreciate this accessory, we’ll have to take a closer look.

As you can see, this attachment snaps into place directly over your PS3 controller. The keypad is about the equivalent size of a full QWERTY keypad on a mobile phone. The buttons are very responsive and have just the right amount of tension, not feeling too stiff or too loose. The location of the keypad makes it easy to switch from gameplay to entering text, simply slide your hands slightly forward on your controller and every key is just a thumbs length away.

The ability to enter text at a rapid rate is really invaluable. Not only is a great for a quick message while in the midst of gameplay, less time typing means less time to lose, but as mentioned earlier, this will make “couch surfing” a breeze. Furthermore, if you are doing web browsing from the comfort of your couch or favorite recliner, rapid text entry isn’t the only benefit you will receive from the Sony Wireless PS3 Keypad. There is a little button towards the bottom of the keypad that looks like a little finger. Press it and your keypad changes from QWERTY keyboard to wireless track pad instantly. This means that you can move the on screen cursor around by running your finger across the keyboard, just like you would with the track pad on a laptop computer. This is a very cool and innovative feature that Sony has added in.

The Downside of the Keypad

The only real negative we could find with this accessory is in relation to charging the battery. It requires a separate USB cable connection in order to recharge. This means an additional USB slot tied up on your PS3 when charging. We would have loved for this unit to have the ability to “piggy back” off of the controller as it charges. That being said, that is really a minor drawback overall when considering all of the benefits offered by this accessory.

The bottom line is that whether you are going to use the Sony Wireless PS3 Keypad for in game chat or full on web browsing, it will not only meet but exceed your needs. This is a good buy and highly recommended.