In the past some intercom systems claimed to be wireless however at the very minimum with these older systems the main base unit still had to be plugged into an electrical receptacle. Imagine for a moment the possibilities of having a wireless intercom system you can put anywhere in your house and even take with you as you go.

reporter wireless handsfree battery powered intercomNo Wires Period?

The reporter wire wireless intercom system is the first truly wireless intercom. This one does not need to be plugged into a wall socket, ever. Imagine how useful it would be to have a truly wireless intercom system to use anywhere in your house office or even in the field. This intercom is made by International Electronics Incorporated based in Vancouver Washington. And, it is no wonder that this company is the first to market a gadget like that. This intercom system was developed after nearly three years of research and development. International came up with an intercom system that not only runs on batteries it can run on the batteries for up to two years.

Reporter Intercom – Quality of Sound

The company was started in 1985 and began in manufacturing automotive electronics. Reporter wire free intercom is completely digital and has sound quality that is clear as a bell and connections that are perfectly secure with no interference.

Because the system runs on batteries the uses are virtually limitless. Naturally the system can be used in traditional ways around the house: to monitor a baby’s nursery, to communicate between your home and garage, or your swimming pool area, or office. The Reporter intercom can also help in home security. You can even use it on your next hunting fishing or camping trip.

You do not need to worry about wearing out the batteries because this product was designed to last for an entire year on just four double a batteries without ever being turned off. No other wireless intercom on the market even comes close.

Reporter Intercom – Range

And its state-of-the-art design gives it an amazing transmission of 1000 foot range. This system comes with many features. In addition to two-way voice communication, the reporter wire free intercom also has a paging function. This allows a user to broadcast to all of the other units.

How many units can you add?

The number of intercoms that can be added is limitless without interference from other neighboring or nearby systems. There are multiple monitor modes such a single channel, all channels and room monitor so the user can hear what is happening in any location. When a unit is set on monitor mode the batteries will last as long as four months without ever being turned off when in monitor mode. One of the most advanced features on this system is the voice operated switch which allows the user to customize sensitivity settings to avoid unwanted sounds.

Reporter Intercom – Summary

The recorder wire free intercom system is very simple to use and set up only takes a few minutes to set-up. The product is sleek and stylish.