If you are a fan of either flight simulators or air combat games and you have found yourself wanting more than just a mouse and simple joystick setup, then the Saitek X52 Pro Flight Control System may be just what you need.

This system features separate throttle and joystick units that are used in tandem for a full-featured, realistic flight simulation experience. There are a multitude of triggers and buttons that can be configured however you like on a game-to-game basis. As difficult as this may sound, it is actually a simple, albeit time-consuming, task that allows for the absolute most possible customization and realism that the particular game or simulator is using will allow.

Features of the X-52 Pro

The construction of the Saitek X52 Pro Flight Control System is top quality. Metal parts provide for a higher level of durability than many of the alternative flight sticks and systems out there. Additionally, the stick features a dual-spring mechanism that not only provides durability, but also gives you progressively increasing resistance as you move farther from the center position; another way that the X52 Pro gives you increased realism.

The Saitek X52 Pro also has an interactive MFD display that gives you important in-game information and allowing you to interact with the game directly. The X52 Pro comes loaded with support for Microsoft’s Flight Simulator X, and there are many support packages that have been developed by community members available via Saitek’s forum (which is just one example of the incredible community support available for this product.) Finally, there is an even a Software Developer’s Kit included, so if you are a budding programmer, you can create your own support packages for your favorite games.

  • The X52 Pro’s joystick features a precision centering mechanism, non-contact X and Y axes, and the aforementioned spring force resistance combine for not only increased durability, but fantastic control. Additionally, the joystick features:
  • A two stage metal trigger
  • 4 fire buttons; including a missile launcher button complete with flip-up safety cover, just like a real fighter jet
  • Metal pinkie switch provides a “shift” function, allowing for double the customizable buttons
  • 2 eight way hat switches
  • 3D rudder twist
  • 3-position rotary mode selector with LED indicators
  • 3 spring-loaded base-mounted toggle switches
  • 5 position adjustable handle

The throttle portion of the Saitek X52 Pro Flight System has several features as well, including:

  • 2 fire buttons
  • Scroll wheel with built-in button
  • Eight way hat switch
  • 2 rotary controls
  • Smooth-action slider control
  • Mouse controller
  • Progressive throttle with tension adjustment
  • Clutch button that initiates “safe mode,” allowing for on the fly profile selection, or the ability to display button functions without activating

The Bottom Line

When comparing the Saitek X52 Pro Flight System with your other options, there really isn’t much comparison. As far as button customization goes, only a mouse and joystick combination can offer you more options, and then only slightly more options. I have never seen another flight system that was anywhere near to being as customizable as the X52 Pro.

Additionally, no other flight system nor mouse and joystick combination offer anywhere near what the X52 Pro offers in terms of ease of use, maneuverability, and comfort. Between all of this plus the durability and realism offered, if you are serious about flight simulation games, this isn’t just a good buy, but a must have item.