Samsung named this 2.1 surround sound bar the Crystal Surround Air Track. It features a sound bar that is 37.64″ x 3.62″ x 1.77″ deep and weighs 4.96 pounds.

The HW-D450 also features an actively powered wireless subwoofer so you can enjoy the deep thumping bass lows giving a fully more rich viewer experience.

Samsung recommends you install the sound bar approximately 2 inches below the flat panel TV. The back panel of the HW-D450 features a total of 3 audio inputs. One input is RCA and can connect from the audio output on the back panel of your TV or Cable set-top box. The other two inputs are digital optical and can connect to either your TV, Cable set-top box, Gaming console, Blue Ray DVD player etc. The Crystal Surround Air Track also features a USB port for firmware update but it’s doubtful you’ll ever need to perform that task.

Samsung HW-D450

The HW-D450 boasts a total of 3 two way speakers that are rated to output up to 80 watts per channel, more than enough to rock out a little bit. Also, it supports an optional wireless dock for an iPod or iPhone.

And the wireless Subwoofer, at 120 watts, works in the stable 5.2 / 5.8 GHz frequency range. Although Samsung recommends you position the sub-woofer centered beneath the TV, because it’s wireless you can place it practically anywhere in the same room so long as it’s near to an electrical receptacle.

Here is a list of items that come with the Samsung HW-D450 Crystal Surround Air Track: User’s Manual, Remote Control and two AAA batteries, Bracket wall mount, One RCA audio cable, One Digital Optical audio cable.Contents


Prices start at $249.99 the Samsung HW-D450 Crystal Surround Air Track is a well-

priced product that enhances the overall viewer’s experience when watching television. Compared to a standard surround sound system it’s easy to install and use and can incorporate an optional wireless iPod/iPhone dock. We feel Samsung hit a home run.


samsung hw-d450 remote controlOwner’s ManualSamsung HW-D450 Rear Back Panel