We unboxed, setup, and listened to the Samsung HW-E450 sound bar with wireless subwoofer. We listened to it for over 4 hours to get a real sense for how this sound bar and subwoofer combo performs.

Hands down this unit is a significant improvement in sound when compared against the speakers built into our flat panel HDTV. The subwoofer noticeably created a richer bass field which proved to be a nice addition to the overall sound of the different programs we tested: music, news, sports, and recently released movie.

Setting up the Soundbar and Wireless Subwoofer

The basic setup was very easy and only took 5 minutes; however, to install the sound bar on the wall would take a bit more time.


We discovered that by first plugging the subwoofer into to an electrical outlet in the room was the best way to setup the system. The reason is because later when you turn on the sound bar it will automatically link up wirelessly with the subwoofer.


We tested both the analog audio cable which Samsung provided as part of the package as well as the Digital Toslink audio cable we had to purchase separately. Although the provided RCA cable performed OK it was the digital connection that impressed us the most, the sound was noticeably better compared against the analog cable.


We tested the sound bar and subwoofer by watching: news, a music DVD, and a High Definition Online streaming movie.

Results of our Sound Test

We found, at the price point and ease of setup the Samsung HW-450 performed amazingly well. The music DVD was a very nice experience and the Movie, an action packed thriller, was enhanced very well with the sound effects reproduced by this system. The remote control which came with the package was even able to control our Samsung TV without any additional programming.


Would we recommend this product? Absolutely, Yes!