Is your Samsung TV Clicking? We put the easy repair steps here. Article, Photo, and a Video.

The Samsung TV clicking often results from the internal power supply wearing out. In a lot of cases this problem can be fixed by a Do It Yourself repair costing as little as ten dollars for the repair parts. The problem usually can be repaired by a professional electronics repair shop for around $250 – $300 dollars.

Where exactly is the problem?

The location of the problem of the Samsung TV clicking is on the internal power supply which is connected to the other end of the power cord to the TV. To get to it and after the power cord has been unplugged at both ends… every screw securing the back panel to the TV has to be removed. Once the back panel is removed, then where the cord connects to the power supply circuit board becomes visible.

How to repair Samsung TV clicking

Once the power supply circuit board has been identified a main problem is with the capacitors. Worn out capacitors can usually be identified because at the top of the capacitor is a small embedded X and if the capacitor has gone bad the X is bubbled or burst outward and some black ooze has seeped out. To replace these… first there are about 6-8 small wires tabs and harnesses which have to be carefully removed.

Once the board is out and the exact capacitor type is identified consider calling a local electronics parts retail shop to see if they stock the same capacitors.

What tools are needed?

The tools needed, at minimum, are a Phillips head screw driver, a solder gun and some solder. The solder gun can be used to remove the worn out capacitors and solder in the new replacement capacitors.

How long does the repair take?

Once a determination has been made about the cause of the Samsung TV clicking because of worn out capacitors and that a repair needs to occur, a Do It Yourself repair can take anywhere from 2 to 3 hours. In the event you take the television to a professional repair shop the repair could take anywhere from a day to over one week depending on the type of problem encountered and whether the repair shop stocks the parts.

Whatever decision is made about the repair it’s advisable to call ahead. If the project becomes a do it yourself project then it’s best to call the retail shop beforehand to make sure they stock the parts. Capacitors are sometimes challenging to locate and retailers don’t stock each size and type. To know which capacitors to use usually requires opening the back panel of the TV, counting the number of worn out capacitors, and reading the specs listed on the side of each worn out capacitor.