There is chance, however small, you might ask yourself why a website that’s focused on home electronics is reviewing a refrigerator, the Samsung RF 4289 4-Door Refrigerator 8” LCD Display with Apps? Well, there are two general reasons:

Reason # 1 – The Samsung Refrigerator is Wi-Fi connected and comes with cool useful apps that you can access on the built-in 8” LCD screen. 

Reason # 2 – We couldn’t help but notice that 34 owners rate the Samsung RF4289 an average total of 4.8 out of 5 Stars. Wow! 

Ok Ok…..”enough with all the apps already” right?  If you’re app’d out with an iPad, iPhone or Android cover your eyes. But, if you’re curious why one reviewer wrote,                              

We never thought a touch screen on the fridge would be so crucial. We’ve 

had this fridge for 6 months now and we can’t see how we did without it”                

……..then we invite you to continue this short story.

Most all of us use our refrigerator every day, often times, several times a day. What better place then at your refrigerator to take advantage of information available via the Internet to help us better enjoy our day? Tapping into the Wi-Fi in your house via the Samsung RF4289 you can easily access services such as:

  • News updates 
  • Twitter updates from your friends, business associates, or other people you follow.
  • Music from Pandora 
  • How about the ability to get automatic weather updates right at the refrigerator? 
  • A built-in calendar is always handy too, and it’s part of the apps on the RF4289 HARS Samsung Refrigerator. 
  • If you want to Find a recipe, Epicurious is a website that will give you access to countless recipes. 
  • And in the age of digital photographs who wouldn’t love the simplicity of sending or posting photographs from the convenience of one of the most popular rooms in the house? 
  • Have you ever come up with an idea for something, an item to put on your to-do list, a scheduled event, or a note to pick something up at the store? With the built-in memo feature you can customize and organize your notes all at the touch of a finger. 

These are some of the reasons why we’ve decided to review the Samsung RF4289 HAR 4-Door Refrigerator 8” LCD Display with Apps.


  • 28 cu. ft. Total Capacity – 16.3 cu. ft. Refrigerator Capacity
  • Premium External Filtered Water and Ice Dispenser
  • Glass Spill Proof Shelves
  • Door Alarm – Did someone say alarm?

Ice Maker extraordinaire and Storage

If you like to have large gatherings but have ever worried you might run out of ice the Samsung will make lots and lots of ice so you won’t run out. The RF 4289 not only makes plenty of ice to help keep your guest refreshed but it can store a lot of ice too.

FlexZone™ Drawer

Samsung designed in a smart drawer which is counter height. This offers a lot of benefits for growing and big famalies who also enjoy entertaining. This drawer offers four separate temperature settings, to meet your ever-changing needs; Meat/Fish, Cold Drinks, Deli/Snacks, and Wine/Party Dishes. Plus, the customizable Smart Divider allows easy, personalized organization within the drawer.

LED Lighting

Samsung’s best-in-class LED lighting gently brightens every corner of your refrigerator so you can see better. Plus, our LED lighting emits less heat and is more energy efficient than traditional lighting.

Twin Cooling Plus® System Keeps Food Fresher Longer

Unlike conventional refrigerators, Samsung’s innovative Twin Cooling Plus® System separates airflow from the refrigerator and the freezer to improve freshness. The refrigerator area stays more humid keeping fruits and vegetables fresher, longer. Humid air stays out of the freezer to reduce freezer burn, improving the quality of frozen food.


You’ll save money while conserving electricity with our ENERGY STAR®-rated refrigerators. Plus, a handy alarm alerts you when the door is left ajar or open too long.