Home Theater is more than just watching a movie on a flat screen TV. It is a whole new world of personalized entertainment which includes the latest high-resolution video and audio formats as well as collections of digital photographs and music. Portable multimedia devices like Apple iPod have made it easier to enjoy our favorite digital content while on the go.

But, in a home theater environment who wants to gather around a small computer screen in a home office or a tiny laptop screen? In order to share the latest Internet video or browse a vast library of multi-media files? The ideal home entertainment space should make it easy for us to access and enjoy the multi-media file collections while taking full advantage of the latest HDTV and surround sound speaker technologies. This entertainment space should also provide seamless access to popular online content as well as physical media like the latest Blu-Ray disc players.

Who is Sherwood?

Sherwood, a company with more than 50 years of design and manufacturing experience of high pro-performance audio gear is proud to introduce net box, the Internet AV receiver. This audio file 7.1 surround sound system streams music and video from popular websites as well as collections of personal content directly to the receiver. No computer is required. And the net box delivers this experience in on energy-efficient design and is a fraction of the size and weight of the traditional AVRs making it perfect for a book shelf space packed with other home theater components. A stylish and compact design does not mean you have to sacrifice performance.

Sherwood NetBoxx back rear panel Sherwood NetBoxx Specs

Netboxx provides up to 7 channels of 100 watts amplification. The Net Boxx is all about ease of use. Its automated speaker set up saves time and it improves audio performance. Use of a supplied calibration microphone and Sherwood’s advanced room equalization technology built into the net box ensures that all speakers in the room have the same voice for a compelling listening experience without a lot of hassle.

NetBoxx Dolby Volume

And like you, the engineers at Sherwood wanted to do something about those annoyingly loud TV commercials and those soft sounding voices in movies that require we keep a finger on the volume control of the remote. So the engineers added Dolby volume control technology. Dolby volume maintains a consistent volume level across all audio sources including connected devices as well as content streams from the Internet and Dolby volume performs its sophisticated audio processing while maintaining a sound that is true to the original recording.

Sherwood NetBoxx Inputs

The Sherwood net box is also a full featured video and audio switch that features three 1080 P compatible 1.3 version HDMI inputs, 2 component video inputs as well as legacy video inputs. These can all be controlled by the receiver’s universal styled remote control.

Connecting the net box to broadband services is also easy thanks to an automated setup feature for its wired and wireless networking options. The Sherwood Network Boxx includes a USB port that is 802.11 Wi-Fi compatible G networking standards.

The firmware upgradable Sherwood net box is compatible with virtually all multi-media file types. And the receiver can decode the latest high quality audio digital formats, such as Dolby true HD and DTS HD Master audio that are featured in Blu-ray movies.

NetBoxx and Home Computer Network Devices

The net box uses for Verizmo’s VuNow technology to provide a user-friendly intuitive interface, comprehensive video search function, as well as playback support for local and on line multimedia, without the need for a personal computer. The net box can also leverage the power of a networked PC running Media Mall software to enable access to even more premium content to sources sites such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon.com.

As a fully DLN a compliant device, the net box can quickly find and connect compatible PCs and network storage devices in order to stream personal multimedia content in the home theater room where it can be enjoyed on the big screen and appreciated with Rich captivating sound. The net box USB ports are compatible with USB portable storage devices allowing for convenient access to existing multimedia collections. An optional iPod talk is also available.

Summary of the Sherwood NetBoxx

The Sherwood Net box Internet AV receiver harnesses the best multimedia home theater entertainment as well as personal collections of content and content that is already in the house. It also delivers on immersive, compelling audiovisual experience with full digital quality in a stylishly compact, energy efficient design. Combined with net boxes unprecedented access to so much online content with over the air high-definition content TV already available in most homes and without monthly fees the net box offers on unlimited entertainment space.