If you’re looking for more flexible options to watch your over the air antenna home television programming such as on your Tablet PC or iPad, Smart Phone or Smart TV then Simple TV might be what you’ve been looking for.

Simple TV does a few basic things

  1. If you’re within range of over the air television broadcasters like: ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox, Simple TV allows  you to view those free television signals on a device such as an iPad, tablet pc, smart phone and smart TVs.
  2. If you are looking for a way that you can record those over the air television broad cast and if you have, or want to buy, a separate external USB hard drive then Simple TV will also help you manage your recordings and let you view your recordings at a later time when you’re ready to watch.
  3. If you want to watch programming inside your home you can at no extra cost. If you want to watch your programming when you are away from your home it’ll cost you $5 bucks per month for the Smart TV subscription plus any extra data rate your cell phone provider may charge unless you’re in a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Setting up Simple TV

Check to see if this holds true in your area but typically channels like; HBO, ESPN, HGTV, Discovery etc. aren’t broadcast free over the air. And, these channels often require a Set-top box from the provider in order to process the signal. In some cases, basic subscriptions will come in as “Clear Quam” which means the Simple TV device can process that signal. If you’re a current cable customer you can directly connect your cable wire to the Simple TV along with also connecting the Over the air antenna and Simple TV will process both.

Watching video in up to 1080p is available with this device. You can watch, pause, manually record and stream without a Simple TV $5 dollar subscription and with a paid subscription you can setup automatic record, enjoy the richest programming guide and stream to 5 remote devices at once.

If you want to watch one program simultaneous to recording a different program then you’ll likely want to invest in a second Simple TV.

Summary uses for Simple TV

Simple TV is a very good device when you are looking for a particular solution to your needs. Some solutions might be:

Cutting costs

Staying in touch or loved ones so they feel connected to home when away or often on the go.

Freedom to watch without having to stay put in one location.

Being able to watch in place you couldn’t before such as a room not having TV or on a boat within cell service range etc..