All You Need To Know About Siri

The software allows speech to command input, but, Apple Inc. took the same technology to a completely new level with the introduction of Siri. Like Android, Siri is also a kind of speech to command input but it is way more advance and has a much high vocabulary than any of the previous version of the same software. This personalized voice assistant allows you to simply use your voice to make various commands like:

  • send text messages, 
  • make appointments, 
  • check weather, 
  • make calls and do a number of other tasks. 

How many languages can Siri Understand?

Not only is Siri capable of recognizing six different languages and speaking styles, it can also translate your massage into other languages if you ask for it. Siri works in 

    • English
    • French 
    • German 
    • Japanese 
    • Chinese
    • Korean
    • Italian
    • Spanish

Built with an A5 dual core chip, this software works both on WIFI and 3G/4G connections to develop link with the Apple center; so as soon as you ask a question, it transmits the information to the server, gets an appropriate answer and delivers it to you. Thus, if you ask Siri, “should I take a jacket with me to work tomorrow?” Siri will tell you about the latest weather forecast for the next day. In this way, Apple has tried to reduce the tension of choosing the right words for getting the right answer. If you provide incomplete information to Siri, it also has a built in program that asks a question in return. For example, if you ask Siri to remind you to call your brother the next day; it will ask you in return, “what time would you like to be reminded about the call?” Similarly, it asks you questions and stores your family member’s name and numbers accordingly; it will know who your brother or mother is once you store the information in it.

In addition to this, Siri also stores your location and your own personal information. You can go to your iPhone settings and then my info to make sure that it recognizes you properly. Using the same link, you can also edit your locations and your personal relationships. The iPhone 4 can also take dictations, so instead of typing a text yourself, you can ask Siri to do it for you while you are driving or do not feel like typing. Once the text is complete, it will display it on the screen for you to check. For people suffering from blindness, the voice over feature is also available along with Siri, so that the text is read aloud instead of appearing on the screen.

Not every command works

Nevertheless, Siri has its disadvantages too; for starters, it does not recognize commands like “switch on the WIFI” or “switch off /on the blue tooth”. These commands have to be performed manually. Along with this, a week 3G connection might affect the efficiency with which Siri responds to your questions, so you will have to ensure that you have a good internet connection in order to ensure its efficient working. Although it is still available in beta version, Siri is a must have for all the Apple users. So download and install it today and take your iPhone usage experience to a complete new level.

Over ten years in the making.