The Skylink SC – 1000 wireless alarm system is a complete wireless alarm system and does not require any monitoring fees. The standard package contains the control panel, an emergency dialer, two door and window contact sensors, a motion detector, and a keychain.

Skylink Self Installation

To install the control panel you open the case by pressing the two tabs on the top of the panel you pull open the front and thread the AC adapter cord through the hole in the back of the unit and plug it into the circuit board as shown on the little sticker. The power adapter must be inserted through the back before the controller is attached to the wall.

The next step is to insert the nine volt battery backup. You also want to rotate the antenna from inside the controller up outside of the controller and then firmly close the case.

Next you want to plug the AC adapter into a wall socket and the power light will come on.  The back lighting on the keypad will also light up.

Installing Skylink Sensors

Position the transmitter adjacent to the door or window you want to protect. The next step is to position the magnetic switch that is connected to the transmitter. You can connect this to the door frame or window frame. Next position the magnets adjacent to the switch making sure to minimize the gap between the switch and the magnet. If the gap separating the contact and the magnet is too large the sensor will not function so this should be minimized.

Now when the system is activated at the door or window that has this context sensor installed is open. Open activator in that particular sensor will send a signal to the control.

The motion sensor is installed as a second line of detection for one room in a home and is typically only activated when the house is vacant. The motion detector has a range of approximately 40 feet in the viewing angle of approximately 110° .It’s best to install a motion sensor between five and 7 feet and in the corner of her room setting the control panel to Chime mode enter your master pin on the control panel press the pin key and then press the pound button. The red and all for green lights will light up. Before using your burglar alarm system test to make sure that the door and window sensors as well as your motion sensor are communicating with the main control unit. You can set the controller to Chime mode which will sound 2 chimes. Rather than causing the controller to go into alarm this will let you know that the sensors are communicating.

Arming system when you are the last person leaving the premises.

To arm the system press your current master pin will be followed by see both green and red lights flash in zone One for 45 seconds. This will give you a enough time to leave before the system is activated.

After the 45 seconds expires both the green and red lights will stay on steady. This means you’re 45 seconds have passed.

Skylink Keychain Transmitter

The keychain transmitter allows you to arm and disarm the alarm. In order for it to function properly you must press down on the button for one full second otherwise the system is not properly respond.  Button number one will turn the system on to the away mode, a sequence which arms the windows and doors as well as the interior motion detector. Button number 3, located at the bottom right of the wireless keychain, will disarm the alarm. Button number 2 located at the bottom left of the wireless keychain arms the system but automatically bypasses the motion detector. You will want to use this mode when you’re staying at home and walking throughout the home but you do not want the motion detector to cause the alarm to activate.

SkyLink Telephone Emergency Dialer

The telephone emergency dialer of the SE 1000 wireless alarm system supports both tone and pulse type dialing. The system has a built-in clock. The emergency dialer can store up to nine phone numbers.