This device is a network music player, a high-quality music system that lets you get all the music that is sitting on your hard drive or in iTunes  and pull it all into one place. And to play it is easy. It produces nice clear sound.

Sonos S5 Remote Control App

Sonos S5 can be controlled with a Sonos controller or you can use an iPhone or iPod touch to control it. And there’s an application available on android devices.  The setup is simple. You need to have it plugged into your hardwired computer network.  On the backside it has two Ethernet ports and line in audio, headphones, and power.  There’s also a built-in handle to pick up and move around the house.

Setup multi Sonos S5 speakers

Once you actually configure it on your network you can pretty much put it anywhere and it will work as long as it’s in range of your Wi-Fi. You can install multiple Sonos S5s throughout the house. Each unit will except its own name you can sync the music throughout the house so wherever you walk your hearing nice clear sound or you can pair these and one does the left channel and one will act as a right channel speaker. 

Control Sonos S5 with a Smart Phone

When you turn the system on using your smartphone one thing that will appear is a zone list. If you have multiple Sonos S5s installed in your home then we can select the music we want to play in a given area of the home from the smartphone application. We can also control the volume up and down and there are also button controls located on the top of the device including mute button that when the mute is pressed on the device it will show on the app that it’s been muted. As well so that it talks back and forth.

The Sonos S5 Streams Internet Radio

You can also get into Internet radio using the application on the smartphone this gives you access 200,000 online radio stations plus podcasts. The smart phone application also lets you get to the zone to set up play lists.

Sonos S5 Sound Quality

Also you can adjust bass and treble controls are available on the smartphone application. Another feature of the application is if you happen to buy a pair of Sonos S5 speakers so that you are using the Left and Right feature you can easily set that up as well in the smart phone application. All in all the Sonos S5 produces good quality sound of a whole home audio wireless speaker based system.

Questions & Answers – Answering Questions we are asked.

1. Can you use Sonos with a hotspot and an extender? Yes, it would require some specialized setup on your part however in order to make this work. You’d need to bridge the extender to the hotspot and then connect the Sonos to the extender.