If you want to Karaoke using an iPad then the Soulo app is just what you need. Soulo is an online subscription based Karaoke app specifically made for the iPad. With it you can sing your favorite tunes and you can make videos of yourself singing your favorite songs and you can post your videos to the Internet.

Do you need a Microphone?

How much fun could Karaoke be without a microphone? With Soulo you can Karaoke using either a wired microphone or a wireless microphone. The wired microphone plugs right into the headphone jack on an iPad and the Soulo microphone cord has a built-in external speaker jack so you can still connect your iPad to external speakers. If you want to use the wireless microphone you simply need what is called the Soulo wireless dongle that plugs into the 30 pin connector on the iPad and of course, the wireless microphone which comes in the kit.

Do you need WiFi or 3G?

Because Soulo is an Internet based application you will need either a working WiFi Internet connection or a working 3G connection. This will allow the lyrics to stream to your iPad while you Karaoke to your favorite songs.

Do I hold the iPad in my hand while I sing?

It might be a little weird to hold the iPad in one hand, a microphone in the other, and then Karaoke. With a corded microphone connecting the two, and if your super coordinated, you might even be able to do a little jump rope in between chorus lines. So if you want to avoid this unusual scenario then a couple other items might be useful like a microphone stand and iPad bracket. The microphone stand is beneficial in a couple ways. First, its way cool because having it helps make you look like a singing pro. Second, there are brackets available that attach to a microphone stand that will not only hold up your iPad but they’ll hold the iPad high enough so you can easily see the lyrics while your singing your Karaoke songs.

Can I connect to external speakers?

Connecting to external speakers is very do-able so long as you have the correct wiring. Depending on whether you use a wired or wireless microphone will determine how you can connect to external speakers. With a wireless microphone you have to use RCA speaker wires to connect to an external home electronics amplifier or, if you have them, you can use blue-tooth capable external speakers. The same goes with the hardwired microphone except in some cases you can then use an HDMI or Component video connection hooked up to a TV or Surround Sound Receiver. The option for connecting to external speakers is varied but you have to make sure you have all the proper connectors to make it work.

Does Soulo drain my iPad battery?

The battery life of an iPad, when fully charged, is between 8 to 10 hours. But who keeps their battery continuously fully charged? There is an iPad 30 pin adapter that will allow you to connect not only the battery charger but external speakers and/or a TV.

Where do I buy all this stuff?

A few local Big Box retailers might carry these items and these items are available online through several online retailers.