VIS300-7M2 Review

The SVAT VIS 300–7M2 hands free color video intercom system you can enhance the security of your home or business and feel more secure. Ensure that you or your children will never have to answer the door without knowing who is at the door. The camera has night vision with a range of up to 8 feet away.

SVAT Night Features

  1. In the night vision mode this allows you to see who is at your door even at night in very low light conditions. 
  2. If you decide, you can connect the device to an electronic door striking easily open the door when you want to let somebody in or by simply pressing a button. 
  3. It’s two wire construction allows your system to work with your existing doorbell wiring. It makes set up fast and hassle free. 
  4. Best of all you can speak to and identify visitors without even having to open the front door. 
  5. You can just place the intercom monitor where you spend most of your time. And it adds to the convenience because it allows you to see or speak to who was at the door regardless of the distance.