In this article we are going to talk you through How to Sync Apps from iPhone to iTunes. iTunes is a digital media sharing application for Mac or PC that allows the user to organize and play music and videos on computer. This application also downloads music, videos and applications on the user’s device. The user can sync applications from iTunes to other devices. The iTunes online store has all the latest music that can be purchased or downloaded from the website. The user can browse music and videos and store them online in iTunes library.

iPhone designed by Apple Inc. has a number of mobile features and applications that can be easily downloaded. They can also be transferred to other devices by using a USB cord that comes with an iPhone. The devices can be synced and the data can be transferred. This service can also be used to sync apps from iPhone to iTunes.

In order to sync apps from iPhone to iTunes, the computer must be authorized before the device is connected to it. Open iTunes on the computer and navigate to the store menu. Select the Authorize Computer option after which a dialogue box will appear. After entering your ID and password, you can finally click the authorize button.

Once your computer has been authorized, you can proceed to the following steps on how to sync apps from iPhone to iTunes.

· Open iTunes on your computer.

· Connect your iPhone to your computer while iTunes is still on.

· A dialogue box will appear and would prompt you to either ‘erase and sync’ or to ‘transfer’ purchase.

· Select the transfer option from the dialogue box.

Do not select the erase and sync option as it will erase the files in your iPhone and replace them with the ones in the iTunes library. When you sync your iPhone to iTunes, any application in your library would be synced to your iPhone. Only those purchases will be transferred for which your computer has been authorized. You might have to authorize the computer for each purchase that is transferred if the applications have been purchased from more than one account.

You can also use other methods to find how to sync apps from iPhone to iTunes. Connect you device to the computer and click the iTunes icon that appears at the side. If you click it, a file menu will appear. Choose the Transfer Purchases from iPhone option from the file menu. It is possible to transfer apps by right-clicking the iPhone option in the iTunes Source List. A shortcut menu will appear which will include the transfer purchases option. Select the option to transfer the applications. It is an easy and hassle free method to transfer applications and to protect your purchases.


By following these on how to sync apps from iPhone to iTunes, you can easily transfer all your applications. It must be kept in mind that the data should not be erased and synced. The transfer option should be selected in order to save the existing data while you sync apps from iPhone to iTunes.