The Revivalists

and Marine Retiree are on the journey of building the next legacy….. 

Take him at his word: Dave Glassman is a happy man. After proudly dedicating 22 years to the Marine Corps Glassman geared up for the next exciting leg in his life’s journey; in 2009 this highly respected Lieutenant Colonel signed on as a promoter and chief fan of a group of enormously talented young musicians who are building a national audience. 

Meet the band…

The band is led by enormously talented vocalist, songwriter and guitarist David Shaw. Guitarist Zack Feinberg and drummer Andrew “Camp” Campanelli contribute to the gifted songwriting while Ed “Steel” Williams and Rob Ingraham help glue together the band’s unique sound and sex appeal with the pedal steel guitar and sax. George Gekas lays down the bass with great skill and showmanship to help solidify the band’s incredible chemistry.

Taking the Big Stage  

The Revivalists own story begins in 2007 when they first stepped on stage together to soon become recognized as one of the best original bands in New Orleans. “The phrase ‘unique blend of soulful, syncopated rock and intensely felt lyrics’ seems coined for them,” Glassman says. “They have this rare mix of raw power and meticulously crafted performance talent that’s always evolving yet is utterly identifiable as entirely their own.”

Named 2011’s Best Emerging Artist at Gambit Magazine’s Big Easy Awards, the band went on, in 2012, to be nominated by Off Beat Magazine for Best New Rock Band with their lead vocalist nominated for Best Male Vocalist. Drawing much of their energy and spirit from their abiding love of New Orleans, the band is proud to be included in that iconic city’s burgeoning independent original music scene.

The Journey

Glassman regards his first encounter with the band as purest luck—coming as it did just at the right time in his life. “My sweetheart, jazz singer Kitt Lough, and I first saw them play at a small Pensacola Beach bar during the spring of 2009 where, in Paul Simon’s famous words, they just ‘blew that room away.’ We were immediate fans. Kitt recommended that I engage them to play at my soon-to-be retirement party. I did, and they were brilliant.”

Over the next 2 years, Glassman’s involvement with The Revivalists became much more involved. Having just built his roomy ‘dream house’ on the water, he provided lodging accommodations and a base of operations that allowed the band, when on tour, to work on songwriting and music compilation while increasing their fan base.  “My home audio system facilitates band jam sessions and offers them the ability to make adjustments to ongoing song productions.”

The Revivalists performed on nearly 40 occasions over that period which included DeLuna Fest, Pensacola Beach’s huge summer concert venue. “The ball started rolling for me when I booked the guys to perform at the grand opening of the concert hall at the ‘Ready Room’ in Pensacola in October of 2009, before the BP Oil Spill shut it down,” Glassman recalls. “I was managing that venue after retiring. I was now committed to booking this band of six and along with their sound engineer. Immediately, the regional talent buyers throughout southern Florida and the Gulf Coast noticed their high energy and magnetic, passionate performances.”

Glassman appreciates these hardworking, joyously committed young men much in the way he appreciates Marines who he was tasked to lead as an officer. “Only these are music warriors,” he says with a grin. “They’re focused and dedicated to creating great original music, on recording and on touring to develop a fan base of people who enjoy the excitement and get-up-and-move energy their amazing music inspires.” Dave reflects a moment on this, then adds, “I guess that’s kind of what their name—The Revivalists—implies.”


City of SoundThe Revivalists’ third release (second full-length CD).

City of Sound - The Revivalists

Besides the Southern states, the band has toured the Midwest and Northeast (performing at venues like Toad’s Place/New Haven, Sullivan Hall/ NYC, The Kennedy Center /Washington, D.C.). A first foray into the Western states last year put them into a two-week run in Texas and Colorado.

The band’s festival engagements continue to generate tremendous excitement. They’ve performed or are scheduled to perform, at Jazz Fest (NOLA), Voodoo Fest (NOLA), DeLuna Fest (Pensacola), Druid Arts Fest (Tuscaloosa), and the French Quarter Fest & Foburg (NOLA) and were at this year’s Jazz Fest lineup in NOLA.

“The Revivalists’ schedule is booked through this May,” Glassman notes. “We’re closing out spring dates in California, Colorado, Connecticut, New York, Ohio and Tennessee and looking ahead to returning to the Florida Gulf Coast and down through South Florida including Key West.”

It’s unmistakably obvious. In his “new life,” Glassman is indeed a busy and happy man.

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