If you’ve ever misplaced or lost something valuable like your keys, electronic gear, purse or anything else important in your life you’ll want to discover this product named “Tile”, help is on the way.

This is a review about a product named Tile. We all lose stuff from time to time and its usually at the most inconvenient time. Or worse, the things we value are stolen. Tile was developed to help solve this problem, the problem of finding our most important things as quickly and efficiently as possible when we can’t seem to find it on our own.

What is Tile?Tile App Review

Tile is a small square shaped token which when purchased you affix to any object you need Tile to help you keep track of. Tile slips onto a common household key ring or can be attached using the included 2 sided adhesive tape. Once you’ve attached Tile to the object you’d like to always be found you simply pair that Tile to your smart phone or tablet pc via Blue Tooth.

If you happen to misplace something close by, say within your own home, then the app on your smart phone will show you as you get closer to the tile attached to the object you are looking for. As well you can make Tile sound a beeping sound to help you locate it more quickly.

But what if something gets stolen? Because Tile works off the very short range Bluetooth signal you won’t be able to track it from far away distances but that’s where other Tile users come in. When you’re stolen or misplaced items comes into range of other people in the Tile community then your missing Tile reports to you its where abouts. This will help you more quickly track down where you either last left the item or, if stolen, where the missing item is located.

Tile is powered by a tiny internal battery that’ll last about a year. Once it’s time to replace the battery simply buy a new Tile and send the old one back for recycling, they are inexpensive and with each new one you buy comes all the latest and greatest upgraded features. Tile will eventually also be available on Android devices as well as its first device, the Apple iOS system. You can learn more by going here.