The Time Capsule provides the most efficient and effective backup facility for all computers. This revolutionary device is a great time machine backup. A good 3TB to 2TB wireless hard drive is available with the device. The time capsule also works adequately well with the OS X Leopard of the Time Machine. However, the speed of the device is directly dependent on the amount of data that needs to be saved. If it is considerably low then backups can be created instantly but if it is of a substantial amount then the backup process can take a whole night. After the backup process is completed one of the most important things to remember is that, only the modified files are backed up. This is done through wireless and an automated process. The technologies embedded in this device are highly advanced. All the refinements that are made to the previous Time Machine make all operations regarding the backups much more speedy and secure.

The backups saved through this device can be run on multiple Macs. This device does not only backup files but can also store them efficiently on each individual Mac by running the OS X Leopard or through your very own wireless network. The hassle of attaching an external drive to each Mac is alleviated when this device is used. With the device’s 3TB or 2TB server grade hard drive, you can get all the capacity and safety that you desire. There is a guarantee that you will never run out of backup space irrespective of the size of the files you want to save. Whether there are 250 songs to be saved or 250,000 songs, you will never run out of disk space. The Time Capsule can be easily run and used through the simple and efficient Time Machine. After the Time Machine program detects the device, you can easily designate it for backup and get the process started.

The entire process can be carried out in a few key steps.

  1. First, you need to go to the Apple menu on your Mac and choose the option, ‘system preferences’ and then click time machine. 
  2. In the next step, you switch on the app. The device Time Capsule is then to be selected and the option ‘Use for Backup’ is pressed. The startup of the backup is now in process. 

The entire procedure can take several hours or a complete night, which depends on the kind and amount of data saved. This device is not only important for backup purposes only. It is also a fully functional and important AirPort Extreme Base Station with powerful 802.11n technology. This technology in turn is fully compatible with all the Mac and PCs along with the wireless devices such as iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV and iPhone!

Apple’s products use different bands. Some are functional using the good 5 GHz band and some with the lower 2.4 GHz band. This device gives the significant advantage of running fairly well over both the bands and thus providing all the multiple band devices the best band service possible.