How would you feel if your iPod touch also starts acting as a GPS navigator along with playing your favorite songs and adding sound tracks to your life? With the TomTom car kit for iPod Touch, you can convert your iPod into a navigator that gives you directions to your destination and allows you to play songs and tunes at the same time. Compatible with both first and second-generation iPod touch, TomTom car kit makes your driving enjoyable and easy with a very reasonable price of just around 40 to 45 dollars. Here are some of the reasons why you should get a TomTom car kit for iPod touch;

Secure Locking:

The TomTom car kit has the latest technology easy port system which provides secure locking of your iPod touch to your dashboard or windscreen. It allows you to mount the iPod according to the position that suits you the best, whether you like your iPod laid flat or a little raised, you can adjust it according to your own ease just by the touch of a button. Along with this, it also gives you the option of rotating the lower bar so that you can use your iPod touch in both landscape and portrait mode. In addition to this, it lays flat on your car’s dashboard or windscreen and can therefore easily be removed and shifted from one car to another. The docking system also has an internal temperature control mechanism that allows the car kit to operate in high and low climatic environments; thus even if the temperature drops to 14 degrees F or goes as high as 131 degrees F, the car kit will still be operational.

IPod Charging:

If your iPod is out of batteries and you are planning to go on a long journey in your car, you need not worry about the batteries as long as you have TomTom Car Kit for iPod touch installed in your vehicle. It provides you the option of charging your iPod while giving you direction and playing music for you.

Built-in Receiver for GPS:

The TomTom car kit has a built in GPS receiver that allows you to use your iPod touch as a navigator; all you need to do is to give it a command of the location you want to go too and it will give you voice commands to direct you to the destination.

Built-in Volume Control:

This car kit has been designed to make your life easy; for this reason it comes with a built in volume control system and high quality 2.0 watt speakers that allows you to hear all the instructions loud and clear. Therefore, whether you want to get directions or command it to play music for you, you do not have to worry about not being able to understand the instruction being given to you.

Audio Cable for Music Playback:

You can also buy the additional audio cable with your TomTom car kit for iPod Touch to connect your iPod with your car’s own stereo system. In this way, you will be able to enjoy superior quality music from your iPod onto your car speakers.