If you recently started using iTunes then chances are that you will not have a clear idea of how to transfer photos from Mac to iPad. You certainly would have got great pictures in your Mac that you would like to synchronize into your iPad as well so you could view it anytime and anywhere. However if you don’t have a clue how to do that then don’t worry – the process of doing so is quite simple and requires only a minor change in your settings and you will be good to go. This article will help you in getting a fair idea about hoe to synchronize photos from your iPhoto on Mac to your iPad by making use of iTunes.

Find below mentioned steps to know how to transfer photos from Mac to iPad:

  • At first, you will be required to connect your iPad with your Mac.
  • Click iPad “New Devices”. A window will pop up and when it does, you would find a menu at the top of it. At the very left of it, you would find “Photos”, click on it.
  • After clicking on Photos, variety of options would be offered to you. A new window will appear and it allows you to choose where you would like your photos to sync from. In the option “ Sync photos from”, you would have two options whether you would like to “browse” your photo or simply want to sync it with “iPhoto”.
  • Once you have selected where you want to sync photos from, you would want two options just below it. It allows you to limit your sharing. If you want to share everything present in the folder then you can select “All photos, albums, events and faces”.
  • However, if you want to specify which events then you can make use of another option, “Selected albums, events and faces and automatically include”. By choosing this option, you could limit the sharing of your photos. You can specify the date of the event that you would like to share, all events, most recent event or no event at all.
  • If you had chosen sync photos from iPhoto earlier then you can also share album present in your iPhoto as well. To do so, you only have to click on the “iPhone Photo’s & Videos” and albums in your iPhoto will also get synced. You can check the events in your iPhoto at the right side of the window with their dates mentioned.
  • Once you have made selection according to your requirements, then you would have to click on the apply button that can be found just below it. By doing so, the changes would be saved in your iPad. Now the “Sync” button that will appear afterwards, click on it and your photos would be transferred from your Mac to your iPad sooner than you think.

Thus, be following these simple steps, you would be able to find out how to transfer photos from Mac to iPad easily in a short span of time