There are several reasons you may be considering getting a gaming headset.  Perhaps you want surround sound quality, but you live somewhere that keeps you from being able to get full usage out of it, such as a college dorm, a thin-walled apartment, or with roommates who don’t appreciate loud late night gaming sessions; or perhaps you just can’t afford a full on Dolby Digital surround sound system.  Perhaps you are just an avid online gamer but you desire a higher quality than you get from the standard headsets out there.  Whatever the case may be, Tritton Technologies AX 720 Gaming Audio System for X-Box, PS3 and PCs could just be the answer for your headset needs.

AX 720 Sound Quality

Designed specifically for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 (although it also will work on a PC or Mac by either USB, a sound card with stereo input and output, or via a fiber optic port,) the AX 720 delivers quality sound thanks to a combination of Dolby Digital, Pro Logic II, and Dolby Headphone technology; making it perfect for not only gaming, but also for listening to music or watching movies.  This superb audio technology makes for a completely new and pleasurable gaming experience.

As you play with this headset, you will surely find yourself hearing things you have never heard before while gaming.  Thanks to Dolby 3D Directional technology, your headphone experience isn’t simply a matter of left to right, but you will actually hear a crisp reproduction that gives you the impression that the sound is coming from the direction it was intended.  In other words, if your enemy is sneaking up behind you, it will sound as though the footsteps are coming from behind you.  If you are an avid gamer, I don’t have to tell you how critical this is to your in-game survival.

Microphone on the Tritton AX 720

In addition to the superior sound quality you receive from the AX 720, Tritton Technologies didn’t hold anything back in terms of the microphone quality as well.  If you are a fan of online gaming, you don’t have to be told how crucial it is for your teammates to be able to hear you clearly, and the AX 720 delivers perfectly.  In addition to the superb sound reproduction it offers, the microphone also has a muting feature, perfect for when you need to have a real world conversation or maybe have a quick snack while you play, and it also has a flexible boom allowing you to position the microphone however is most comfortable for you.  The microphone boom is also detachable, which is a nice feature if you are going to use your AX 720 to listen to music or watch a movie.

Is the Ax 720 Comfortable to wear?

In addition to providing quality sound and speech reproduction, Tritton Technologies’ AX 720 is actually very comfortable to wear, thanks to an adjustable, padded head-rail and plush ear cups.  You will experience no discomfort even after hours of gameplay.  Also, there is an in-line piece offering separate volume control for in game sound and voice-chat, as well as the option to hear your own voice and adjust the volume for it, keeping you from shouting in the ears of everyone playing with you because you don’t realize just how loudly you are speaking.

Summary of the Tritton AX 720

In conclusion, the Tritton Technologies AX 720 Gaming Audio System for X-Box, PS3 and PCs offers a superior gaming experience for your platform of choice, and not only that, but it offers all of this at a price that is about 60% the price of other comparably equipped models, making it easily the best value in its class. That being said, if you aren’t an audiophile and you just want a basic headset for chatting, then you may want to consider one of several lower priced headsets for the function.