Motorized mounts are increasing in popularity. They are available in two basic forms: articulating and lifts. A motorized articulating mount allow the user to control the TV viewing angle by remote. A simple press of a button and the TV angles away from the wall more into the direction of the viewer such as a kitchen breakfast bar.

The other form of motorized mount is designed to conceal the TV when not in use and bring it out when you want to view TV. Mounts are used to lift TV from under beds, or out from cabinets and wall, all via remote control. 

Where is the equipment?

In the case of the cabinet lift all the equipment is stored inside the cabinet itself. And in the case of the TV 

Motorized Under Bed Lift

from beneath the bed, all the equipment would be stored either under the bed or a cabinet close by. In either case, special wiring accommodations are made with extra attention given to the wiring installation because, when the TV moves, so do some of the wiring and you do not want to ruin expensive wires by pinching them metal to metal.

Remote Controls

Remote controls can sometimes be tricky with TV lifts. Maybe the easy solution is a simple manual push button for up and down. If a manual push button is not your style or not available with the TV you buy then you want to decide on a remote control. More information can be found on Remote Controls here.