Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) simply put is a power strip, surge suppression and battery backup all built into one. The purpose of a UPS is to provide some protection against damage due to electrical surges or outages, as well as to help prevent data loss in the event of a power outage.                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

How Uninterrupted Power Supply works

The UPS is plugged into your electrical receptacle just like a computer or monitor or other household electronics. Inside of plugging the electronic or computer into the wall receptacle with a UPS you’d plug it into the Uninterrupted Power Supply. The benefit of doing this is that in the event the electricity at your home or office goes out for any reason the Uninterrupted Power Supply would keep your electronics powered up for a short period of time. This would allow you the opportunity to properly save on going work on your computer and/or properly power off your electronic devices before the internal battery in the Uninterrupted Power Supply drains fully.

What are some features of a UPS?

  1. Depending on the type of Uninterrupted Power Supply you might enjoy any one of the following features
  2. Prevent damage to equipment, unexpected shut downs to desk top computers and loss of data
  3. A battery backup that can last a few short minutes up to much longer depending on the size UPS you buy
  4. The saving of computer files that are being worked on, automatically, when the power goes out.
  5. A reduction in electricity usage when certain devices are plugged into the UPS
  6. A reduction in CO2 emissions that result from use of your personal electronics which you have plugged into an appropriate UPS.
  7. Insurance against loss and damage to your electronics should certain types of electrical problems cause damage to the equipment you have plugged into the UPS.
  8. A built-in in alarm trouble indicator that notifies anyone in the close vicinity that a power loss has occurred and the electronics are running on a battery backup until the battery drains
  9. Electrical outlet that you can enable and disable which automatically shut off electronics not in use when a computer is detected as being in the standby mode.
  10. Resettable circuit breaker
  11. An internal battery that can be recycled when done.

What Size Uninterrupted Power Supply do I need?

The size UPS you need depends on two basic factors. One factor is how many electronic devices do you intend to plug into the UPS. The other general factor is how long of a battery backup will you want or need in the even there is a power loss. Generally speaking for a basic setup of a computer, printer, monitor and/or modem a simply UPS is available at many local and online retailers. However, for complex applications where data storage, equipment protection and operation is critical you may want to consult a manufacturer directly to help select the Uninterrupted Power Supply for your particular application.

Uninterrupted Power Supply Summary

A UPS is a surge suppression power strip having a built-in battery backup. It’s used for protecting electronics from power outages and electrical surges. Some units come with an added service of insurance in the event electronics are damaged. A UPS gives peace of mind to users that their electronics are better protected.