If you are a computer gamer, then you surely know what a pain it can be when you are trying to enjoy a wireless gaming session and you suddenly need to access the keyboard in order to type something, whether it be in-game chat, or if you need to look something up online (cheat codes anyone?)  Even if you have a wireless keyboard and mouse, it is quite a bit to lug around, and putting down the controller in order to type could just cost you your virtual life!


If this sounds familiar to you, then let me introduce you to Mimi.  That’s the name given to the Veho Gaming Pad.  Mimi is a combination of wireless keyboard, wireless mouse with built-in gyroscope for 3-D interaction, and a game controller featuring an 8-way directional pad, two thumb sticks, 4 axis buttons, and 10 fire buttons. 

Mimi also features user definable hot keys, both left and right mouse buttons, and a full set of function keys just like a standard keyboard.

Veho Battery Life 

The Veho Gaming Pad uses Air wireless technology, meaning that you connect to your PC or Mac at distances of up to 10 meters/32 feet.  Additionally, the Mimi has a self-contained battery that, once charged for around 3 hours, will give you 20 hours of gameplay.  In addition, the air keyboard will enter into power saving mode after 10 seconds of idling, and completely switch off after 4 minutes of idling to help conserve battery.  It also has an LED indicator to show you just how much juice you have remaining.

The ergonomic styling makes the Mimi comfortable to hold and use for hours at a time, despite her bulky appearance.  That being said, there is quite a bit of size to this game pad, which some may find to be a drawback.  However, I think if you give Mimi a try, you will find her to be much more comfortable than you would expect.  It is very similar in feel to an Xbox 360 controller, if you are familiar with those.

Button Quality

The gaming buttons and keys of the keyboard all have excellent response, being neither hard to press nor feeling cheap and flimsy.  You will also find that you can use the keyboard with just your thumbs, much like a QWERTY keyboard on a mobile phone.

The final feature to mention here is that Mimi is fully compatible with new HTPCs (that’s Home Theater PCs, for those not in the know,) meaning that you can kick back from 32 feet away and use the mouse capabilities of the Veho Game Pad to enjoy your favorite film without the need for a wireless mouse nor a mouse pad.

Veho Gaming Pad Drawbacks

The main drawback for the Veho Gaming Pad is that the hot key function is only designed to be Windows compatible meaning that you may experience some issues with buggy results when trying to use the hot keys on a Mac or Linux system.  Considering everything else that it offers, this is really only a minor drawback, and if you are running Windows, it means there are really no drawbacks for you.