What to look for…

VOIP, or Voice over Internet protocol is a fancy name for telephone service. In the old days phone service was supplied to homes and businesses using the standard old dial tone wired phones. Well today things are changing, the standard old dial tones are giving way to digital phone service via the Internet. The benefits are it lowers overall costs by reducing not only multiple line rates but long distance rates as well. In many cases long distance and over sees calls can be placed for no additional costs. And VOIP is more easily transportable in that calls are digital and can more easily be routed to where you want them to go.

VOIP service providers vary based on the types of service. Some providers specialize in residential service whereas other providers specialize in mid-size and larger business service. Other differences can relate to the equipment you might want or need.

Business VOIP , dependant on the size of the business, is available from a host of different providers.

When choosing between the different VOIP Service Providers who all offer a range of services and pricing you may want to take into account a few things like:

1.  Is there a contract and if so how long is the contract? Typically most providers do not require a contract; however, more complex, larger installations for businesses may require a contract.

2.  Are there any setup fees? Usually for single line installations there are not set-up costs unless you desire to purchase special equipment such as integrated speaker phones or web-cams.

3.  Where is the support based? Is it in your country and is it available 24/7?

4.  What special equipment will you need and how much does it cost?

5.  What calling features do you want or need?

6.  Will you be calling long distance to other countries? If you’re calling to a particular country make sure the provider offers that service and to all the types of phones you want to call. In some cases you might not always be able to call mobile phones for example.

7.  Do you need dedicated fax line service. Although VOIP can work with fax lines there are special considerations that need to be taken into account? Fax service over VOIP, although often advertised as being able to work, does work but not without other considerations such as slowing the transmission speed on your fax machine and/or adding a dedicated fax number for an additional cost.

Service Providers:


Unlimited local and long distance (US & Canada), No contract required, Award-winning solution  


First month free, No set up fees, No contract options available.


2 months free, any plan, Phone adapter provided, No contracts, no cancellation fee


Industry-leading reliability, Free Long Distance, No Contracts or Hidden Fees


Unlimited calling, US-based support, No contracts


No long-term contract, Voicemail transcription, Works with your mobile phone

Phone Power

Virtually unlimited calls, Two lines, 60 international minutes


Unlimited Calling and Faxing (US & Canada), No Commitment, No Setup Fees, No Installation, Price for 20+ users


No contract required,  Unlimited Calls (9 free countries),  Save 50% or more


No Contracts, No Cancellation Fee, 60 Free International Minutes, Free Second Line


No contracts, not setup or installation fe Unlimited local and long distanceCompany Call Record, Voicemail to email transcription


Unlimited Calls, Over 40 Features, 60 Free International Minutes


No contract, unlimited local and international (select countries)