The age of the drone is upon us. It’s no longer a matter of whether drones will be here it’s a matter of how many of them will be in the sky. Drones are going to fall into a small number of general categories, those for: security & surveillance, business cost reductions and expediency of customer service, and spying. See what others are saying about this, take our survey, at the end of the article, and share your opinion.

Drones used for business purposes could be a bad idea

drone hovering near house window

Drones, when used properly and ethically, will certainly help to improve security and surveillance, lower crime and catch criminals. Its when the power is abused that it becomes a hotly debated topic, we’ll leave this one sub topic to the democratic processes. On the topic of using Drones in business let us know what you think, post your opinion in our survey below.

Drone buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Annoying sub-title wasn’t it? When it comes to the use of drones to reduce business costs and improve customer service, that is one of the more worrisome issues. Honestly, who wants to hear or see any number of drones flying overhead each and every day, or worse, at night? Don’t think it will happen?

  • What about when there’s a car accident? Who’ll want to send a drone? You don’t think every insurance company around will want to send in a drone to get a birds eye view of the accident? What about the attorneys? What about the drivers in the accident sending up a drone they pulled from a glove box to get the image? Or how about the first responders might they not also send up drones to also see.
  • Now keep in mind, 3 drones just whizzed by carrying pizzas to customers and then
  • 5 more drones flew by delivering auto part to mechanics shop and the do it yourselfer working on a car.
  • The Gardner is taking deliver of the flower just ordered.
  • The post office and 100 drones flying around this day to deliver its over night postage parcels.
  • The flower shop is making a delivery too.
  • A would be criminal just checked out your house, again for the 3rd day in a row to confirm you aren’t home, they hovered over your back yard waiting to see if you’d come outside and you didn’t and they know they can take off and hide. How would you ever catch them?

We don’t know how long it will take for these things to begin to happen, however, when you witness a drone over your house for the first time however, you’ll know its underway.

Do you really wants drones flying over or near you? Some will argue, “hey if you’re not doing anything wrong who cares.” and others might say, “don’t stop there then, go ahead and allow the drones to come into your home, bedroom and bathroom.” This could be a case where once commercial drones go up they might not ever come down.

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