wireless phone charging

If you're anything like us you know the nagging frustration of a nearly dead smartphone battery and constantly having to be tethered by the dreaded phone charging cable. 

Well, we aren't alone. Surely experiencing this same frustration was Meredith Perry, the genius brainchild behind an amazing wireless electricity technology. Ms. Perry invented uBeam, a way to charge your phone without plugging it in. 

Since learning about uBeam we quickly realized, uBeam is about to improve a lot of things in our lives.

Wireless phone charging is real

If you're one who enjoys all the science of, "how does the technology work" we are going to refer you over to uBeam's site, we've posted a link at the end of this article. 

If however you prefer a super simple explanation stick with us here, we'll touch on how this technology is going to make your life a lot easier and in many cases...safer.

How uBeam works – for the Non Techie

Without the most elementary explanation it'd be pretty impossible to convince anyone that your life is about to get easier, way easier. Therefore give us a super brief moment to explain. 

In simple terms....it's not actually "wireless electricity" but rather its sound waves you can't hear or feel which generates the electricity, wirelessly, to charge your phone battery (and a lot more stuff actually). Yes, again, without a wire plugged into a wall outlet or lugging around a clunky external battery pack.

How uBeam will make your life easier

Think of all the stuff in your home, office or business which uses a battery. Now, think about never having to worry about whether that battery is charged. 

Its pretty obvious to anyone with a phone, being able to charge your phone without having to plug it in will be an amazing freedom; it's as though the smartphone will now actually give you the full freedom intended for us to have because we no longer have to find a plug and wire. 

In the beginning and assuming you're a semi savvy phone user who likes to hunt for Wifi signals...at first it will be similar.... but instead you'll search for a uBeam signal. The uBeam "transmitters," as they are termed, will eventually be found in more and more places that we shop, visit, work, meet and of course at home, etc.

Is uBeam simple to use?

The short answer is, Yes ! The more complete answer is, because the uBeam works by transmitting a short distance, inaudible-sound it doesn't work through walls. The wireless charging works as long as the room your phone is in also has a uBeam transmitter in the same room. Subsequently, if your home or office has 5 rooms then at minimum you will want 5 uBeam transmitters

uBeam will be so impactful to many aspects in our lives one article can't cover all the amazing changes so stay tuned. And, head over to our YouTube channel and subscribe to stay in touch with updates to uBeam and other technology.
For more information on uBeam click here.