How the Yamaha Neo helps us enjoy watching TV and avoid frustration.

yamaha neo

We have been in a lot of homes over the years, hundreds if not thousands. If we had to pick the number one complaint we hear it would have to be about the TV remote control or remote controls. They are too complicated, there are too many of them and they are often simply frustrating to operate or figure out.

Simply put, the Yamaha Neo solves that problem! Here’s how, usually, if you have more than just a
television, in other words, a cable or satellite set-top box OR Blu-Ray player etc you need several remotes. Yes you can buy and program an All In One Remote or get the Yamaha Neo. If you look at the Yamaha Neo remote you will see only a few, simple buttons. Once you turn your TV on with the Yamaha Neo remote the Yamaha Neo remote control system will walk you through the rest. You can make a simple choice on the screen; do you want to watch something, play a game or listen to some music?