How do I get HD on my TV

The spectacular picture you get from watching High Definition television is amazing. You need two things to get HD; you need the right home electronic equipment and you need the right programming. In this article we’ll list the equipment you will need if you are trying to answer the question: How do I get HD on my TV.  And we’ll list the different types of HD programming you can watch on your HD TV.

For you to get HD… first you will need to have the right HD equipment, the most important piece is a High Definition TV.

Types of TVs you can use to get HD TV

There are four types of High Def. televisions:

DLP – Must sit on the floor and generally it isn’t to be mounted on the wall.


Plasma – A wall mountable flat screen. Generally reproduces the very best picture but has the shortest life span, produces a lot of heat and burns a lot of electricity compared to LCD/LED


LCD – A wall mountable flat screen which reproduces a very good picture, has a much longer life span versus plasma and is much more efficient with electricity, heat etc.


LED – This is the thinnest of the wall mountable flat screens. It too reproduces a great picture, has a long life span and is the most energy efficient.

Types of Programming you can have to get HD

There are three general types of High Def. Programming sources:

Over the Air Antenna – Free HD

Depending on how many miles away you are from the Over The Air broadcasters, such as ABC, NBC, and CBS and FOX, you can usually connect an antenna directly to a High Def. TV, scan for channels and enjoy free Over the Air television programming. Visit this page for information on this topic:

Cable Television – Subscription HD

Depending on where you live, Cable Television service might be available. Cable Television service providers offer different programming packages. ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX broadcast in High Definition will typically be available in every programming package a cable provider offers usually at no additional.

Satellite Television – Standard HD

A specially designed Satellite antenna, often installed by the Satellite Provider, receives the television programming signal from Satellites orbiting the earth. Heavy rain storms can affect the reliability of the picture.

BluRay DVD Movie

You’ll want a BluRay DVD player if you want to watch High Definition BluRay brand DVDs and it will need to be 3D Ready if you wish to occasionally enjoy 3D movies.

How to Set up HD TV

Once you have the equipment and made arrangement for the programming it’s time for the Installation setup. Usually the Cable or Satellite Television providers will do the hookup for you. Connecting a Bluray DVD Movie Player is as easy as connecting an HDMI cable from the DVD player to the back of the HighDef TV and selecting the correct input source on your TV using your TV remote. For an Over the Air antenna, a coaxial cable is connected between the antenna and the TV. Then, using your TV remote, you enter the MENU Setup and scan for channels.