Television Reviews and Ratings

Television Reviews and Ratings

Television reviews and ratings and other things to consider when shopping for your next television:

In this article, located at the bottom are television reviews and ratings videos from consumers who bought and own the TV they are reviewing. Its unbiased.

Size When considering what size to buy you’ll naturally want to account for whether the TV will fit where you plan to install it. Next will be your viewing distance, the greater the distance between the viewer and the TV the bigger the screen you’ll want and experience has proven; almost everyone wants a bigger screen. At ten feet (10′) a 40″ would be minimum but bigger will be more enjoyable.

Price The technology for flat screens…overall…, generally speaking, has hit somewhat of a level playing field. Price variations are related mostly to size and features.

Type: Plasma, LCD, LED, 3D-passive or active, Oled. Probably, plasma has the absolute best picture but LCD/LED pictures are so good that worrying over which has the best picture isn’t super important to most shoppers. LED is the lightest weight, runs the coolest and hence is the most energy efficient unlike Plasma, historically an electricity heat generating hog. Active 3D produces the best 3D experience but if you don’t want to hassle with more costly battery powered glasses you’ll be OK with passive.

Refresh Rate: A faster refresh rate means a more smooth picture. Can you tell the difference between speeds? Side by side? Probably. But when you are watching the TV by itself? Its doubtful. If you want the best then ask for the fastest refresh rate. If you are looking for lowest cost the refresh rate won’t matter to you too much.

Mount on Wall vs. Table Top: We get asked alot, “Can we mount it above a Fireplace?” And here’s two things to take into account: (1) It’s just not always comfortable to watch a TV mounted that high for long periods of time (10 minutes+) so think this through carefully. I personally tried it in my personal home, found above the fireplace uncomfortable and opt’d to mount the TV on the wall adjacent the fireplace (the installation looks fantastic) (2) If the fire is on but you have a mantel separating if from the TV, put a thermostat on the mantel and check temperatures, Flat screens don’t appreciate higher heat but should tolerate heat you’d be “very” comfortable putting your hand against.

Smart TVs: WiFi vs. Ethernet – If you already have WiFi in your house but no hard-wire Ethernet jacks located at your TV then WiFi will be easiest. But, WiFi is slower than Ethernet so if you stream video over the Internet to your new TV WiFi may buffer more (ie: stop and start) than Ethernet. Also, if you have an older WiFi router such as a “G” consider upgrading to a faster router or get an Ethernet capable TV and plug it into your home computer network. Logitech Revue with Google TV may make a better alternative to buying a smart TV in our opinion.

Shopping for: Here’s the thing about shopping on the Internet. If you buy it via the Internet be fully prepared to meet the delivery truck at your point of delivery to inspect the TV before it comes off the truck. If it was damaged during shipping, and believe me they get damaged during shipping, you want to discover that before it comes off the truck otherwise the hundred bucks or so you think you may have saved could turn into a nightmare. Insist to have the packaging opened on the truck (sorry shipper truck drivers)

Recycling Old TV: Some local retailers will recycle an old TV, during delivery of the new TV, at little or no charge. Otherwise, you can contact you’re local trash dump to learn about options for disposal of an old TV

Installation and Setup: If you are handy and have the proper tools generally you can install the TV on a wall and certainly on a table top by yourself. We’ve provided some Informational Videos that will help you with the connections you’ll want to make. Here is a list (probably not all inclusive) of things you’ll want or need during installation on a wall: appropriate wall mount. electrical receptacle behind & toward to of TV. connection wires sufficient in length, hammer, finish nails for finding the exact middle of a wooden wall stud (don’t attempt metal wall stud installations without professional help). drill (hamer drill for concrete wall installation), drill bits, concrete bits for concrete walls, socket set, level, stud finder, dry wall or other saw for cutting small holes, old work back boxes from your electrical/big box supply house, finish face plates, surge suppression power strip with protection warranty.    The other option is you have hire professional installation for $300 – $400 dollars.

Television reviews and ratings videos – These video reviews are unbiased and are by consumers who bought and own the TVs.

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