iPod Shuffle

The Apple iPod Shuffle is one of the most sophisticated digital audio players in the world today. Available in splashes of brilliant color, this gadget provides all with the perfect mix of media that can help store the greatest music hits from the old rhythmic melodies to the hippest and most rocking tunes. Available in beautiful colors and a sleek aluminum design, iPod Shuffle is not only durable and increasingly polished but also equipped with the very best easy to use functionality. The glistening color palette of the machine makes it a great fashion accessory that can be carried around everywhere.

iPod Shuffle Battery and Storage

The machine has a considerable battery life of about 15 hours and at the same time is extremely good in terms of storage capacity. It can store numerous songs in its 2GB memory. You can keep your favorite songs with you and listen to them all day with this wonderfully compact and portable gadget.

Its portability is further emphasized with the ability to be clipped on easily on almost any item of clothing. Whether you are jogging around the block or running a simple errand, the iPod shuffle can be taken everywhere you go. You even have the opportunity to get your name engraved on it.

iPod Shuffle Features

  • Apple iPod shuffle has a large pad that is easily clickable. Everything is very clearly highlighted on the pad making it easier for you to see what you want to do. You can press the button in the center to pause, play, or use the buttons on sides to adjust the settings and go forward or backward. 
  • The Voiceover button on the iPod can just be easily pressed and it can tell you exactly what you want to hear. This feature can also be used to tell you exactly the names of all other playlists and the artists so you can decide which songs you want to hear next. There is no hassle over the battery. Once it is low, the Voiceover facility will tell you when you need to charge up your machine. 

iPod iTunes

With the use of iPod shuffle, you are presented with the opportunity of a lifetime. From the romantic classical hits to the sizzling Spanish mixes, you can download songs of all cultures from iTunes. To make the best of this facility, the Voiceover thus speaks an array of languages, around 29 in fact. You can switch to the one that you most desire and listen to your favorite hits in all their glory.

You can easily enjoy a blast of your favorite podcasts, playlists, audio books and audio files the way you want. They can even be in sync. All you need is to download iTunes on your MAC or PC. To suit your multiple moods you can create multiple music playlists and hear them wherever you are back home from the office or in the library. If you love music then the iPod shuffle is made for you.