Launchport Review


When we first discovered Launchport we got pretty excited; it has to be the coolest iPad charging system out. And, it’s bound to simplify the way we do certain things in our homes and offices.

The Launchport charging cradle is made for the iPad and it embodies iPad’s design philosophy of being intuitive; you need a safe place to store, charge and access your iPad. What better place than in a user friendly secure charging cradle or even better…how about on the wall?

With your iPad safely tucked away from toddler’s hands, large pets, or other counter cluttering stuff that risks damaging your iPad, Launchport also becomes a hands free way to enjoy more of iPad’s amazing uses.

Launchport – A battery charger that can change our lives?

You bet! 

With the on-wall Launchport charging station you instantly can have a home control interface that’s not only very attractive but extremely functional. Your iPad, utilizing the special protective sleeve, is magnetically secured to the wall dock which means no wires to connect each time you want to put it away. Imagine all the cool uses like How about control your TV?

Better yet, in the kitchen it can become your recipe book, assuming you like to cook of course. Or, rather than reading the recipe why not watch a short YouTube video cooking demonstration? Pause, fast forward or rewind as many times as you like; its a great way to recover from life’s little interuptions while in the kitchen.

Ding Dong

Maybe a ring at the door and you want to check to see who it is through the use of a connected small surveillance camera. Better yet, when loved ones aren’t right there with you just use iPad’s camera to catch up with loved ones on the go while you cook or watch your favorite program. Too cold or too hot in your home…adjust your thermostat right from your iPad. The possibilities are now endless.

Launchport Installation – Setup

By now you might be wondering, what are the options for setting up a Launchport in your home or office. Launchport has two designs, table-desk or counter top charging dock which only requires you plug in the dock to an electrical receptacle. And the other design, the wall dock, requires a little more work to mount onto the wall but once it’s up you get to enjoy endless months with an always charged iPad and a hands free wall control station for your home.

Although the iPad charging dock is super easy to setup the on wall dock needs a little installation work. How many tools do you need for that? Well, if your walls are sheetrock then a simple handheld drywall saw should do the trick, along with a screw driver and maybe a level to get put it up straight. Or, you can just hire someone, for probably under a hundred bucks, if you don’t want to deal with the one-time fuss.

How much electricity does Launchport use?

If you’re anything like me you want to know the most mundane details like, how much electricity does this Launchport thing use, or better yet, how much will my light bill go up each month? The power adapter is rated at 15 volts times 2 amp = 30watts.

How fast does it recharge the iPad?

An empty battery should take just a few short hours to charge. It works by inductive charging so after the first installation setup there are never any wires to connect to your iPad again.