Connect a Sceptre Sound Bar to Sharp Aquos TV

Here we’ll outline one simple option for connecting this Sharp Aquos TV with this  Spectre soundbar.

Russound CAA66 Review

In this article we are going to share our findings as it relates to the CAA66K from Russound compared against a competitive brand. We won’t mention the other brand other than to say, the price of the Russound CAA66K versus the competitive system were very close.

Tile review, the product that helps you find stuff you lose.

If you’ve ever misplaced or lost something valuable like your keys, electronic gear, purse or anything else important in your life you’ll want to discover this product named “Tile”, help is on the way.

Roku 3 Apple TV compared

Not sure whether to buy a Roku 3 or Apple TV? Fret not, we’ve used both devices and we’re going to help you in your decision process by giving you our indepth look at both products.

Yamaha RX-V675 Review, 5 reasons it’s a top pick for an all around home theater receiver.

Looking to put together a Surround Sound system for your Great Room or Home Theater? Love to Grill outdoors but would enjoy it even that much more if you had some great music to listen to? Chances are good, just like turning on the gas grill is typically just the turn of a knob & press of a button, your music should come on just as easily?

Samsung HW-E450 Review

We unboxed, setup, and listened to the Samsung HW-E450 sound bar with wireless subwoofer. We listened to it for over 4 hours to get a real sense for how this sound bar and subwoofer combo performs.

A guide on How to Buy a Burglar Alarm

Although every experience in the buying process is unique we are convinced if you follow these 10 simple tips to Buy a Burglar Alarm you can enjoy both a reliable security system and savings.

How to wire home for cameras diagram

How to Wire a Home for Security Cameras

We’ve wired homes, both under construction and already completed homes, for security cameras. In this article we are going to take you through the steps for selecting which wires and tools to use and how to wire a home for security surveillance cameras.

Automatic Light Switch, how to turn your regular lights into automated lights.

This automatic light switch is actually a programmable motorized timer that you easily install by simply screwing it onto a light switch, a lever style, single pole light switch.

Is DSL Internet Wireless?

The acronym stands for Digital Subscriber Line and the Internet service signal actually travels over a pair of copper wires to a home or business.  Typically the DSL Internet service travels over

Install Cable Outlet in 6 complete steps

In this article we are going to outline this process from start to finish, we’ve included a video as well.

How to Connect Laptop to TV

In this article we are going to show you 5 easy steps for connecting your laptop to your TV. In order for this to work you need to have a flat screen TV and the proper connection cables.

How to connect iPhone to TV

In this article we are going to show you the two ways how to connect an iPhone or iPad to your TV. There are two methods, one is hardwired and the other is wireless.

how to install alarm system - diagram

How to install alarm system, a Step by Step guide

In this article we are going to show you all the steps for an alarm system installation in your home. This is designed only as a planning guide for each phase beginning with making a plan and how to buy the right alarm equipment, recommended tools for installation, and videos

Connect a Blu Ray player to a TV - Composite

How to Connect a Blu Ray player to a TV

In this article we are going to show you 6 easy steps for How to Connect Blu Ray to TV. We are going to show you which is the best connection wire to use and how to make the connection on the back of the Blu Ray player and the back of your TV.